7024 - Taking Better Photos/Lighting (Combo)
ART3210 - Family Taiko (Beginning)
ART3221 - Youth Beginning Taiko Level I (Ages 5-12)
ART3222 - Youth Beginning Taiko Level II
ART3231 - Teens Beginning Taiko Level (Ages 13-17)
ART3244 - Adult Intermediate Taiko (Ages 13-Adult)
ART3245 - Adult Advanced Taiko (Ages 16-Adult)
ART3251 - Performance Training Taiko for Adults (Ages 17-Adult)
ART3253 - Basic Drawing
ART3254 - Mixed Media Drawing
ART4000 - Basic Drawing
ART7015 - Play in Clay - Summer I (Helper)
ART7016 - Play in Clay - Summer I
ART7017 - Play in Clay - Summer II
ART7018 - Underwater Photography
ART7022 - Photography Lab
ART7023 - Atelier Hawaii
ART7024 - Taking Better Photos/Lighting (Combination)
ART7029 - Kama`ilio Kalai (conversing about carving)
ART7032 - Adobe Lightroom Classic CC - A Beginners Hands-On Workshop
ART7033 - Taking Photos Like a Professional with Any Camera
ART7034 - Adobe Photoshop CC - A Beginners Hands-On Workshop
ART7036 - Kani Na Pua Ko'olau Series (online)
ENR3167 - DIY Series: Lei Making
ENR4409 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making - #3 Hili Style
ENR4502 - The Art of Cartooning
ENR4513 - Kids College - Mythbusters
ENR4800 - Beginning Soap Making - Cold Process
ENR6165 - Talent Search: Ways with Words: Communication Skills for College, Career, Life
ERN4410 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making- #4 Lei Hilo
HLTH4911 - Feng Shui Suite
OCT1350 - Certificate in Basic Game Design
OCT1351 - Introduction to Game Design
OCT1352 - Intermediate Video Game Design
OCT1354 - Infographics
OCT1355 - Photoshop Essentials
OCT1356 - Graphic Design for Virtual Presentations
OCT1357 - Graphic Design Software Essentials Certificate
OCT1358 - Adobe Illustrator Essentials
OCT1359 - Adobe InDesign Essentials
OCT6200 - EdtoGo: Explore Fiction Writing Genres Suite
Other Arts
Visual Arts
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