BUS3000 - Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor Prep
BUS3045 - Time Management
BUS3070 - Relativity Certification Exam Prep
BUS4012 - Basic Office Skills
BUS4934 - Measuring Training Results (Online)
BUS4935 - Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for your Workplace (Online)
BUS5650 - Basics of Business Process Mapping
BUS5651 - Analyzing Processes to Map Better Outcomes
BUS6308 - Introduction to Google Analytics
BUS6309 - Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
BUS6316 - Computer Skills for the Workplace - Online Course
BUS6317 - Introduction to Windows 8 - Online Course
BUS6318 - Administrative Assistant Applications
BUS6323 - Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010
BUS6324 - Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
BUS6328 - Introduction to Crystal Reports 10
BUS6329 - Fundamentals of Accounting (Condensed)
COM2004 - 3D Printing from Revit Architecture
COM2154 - AWS Technical Accent Manager Program
COM2966 - Writing 4 the Web, Module 6: Introduction to Legal and Ethical Concerns in Multimedia Journalism
COM3000 - Introduction to Microsoft Access
COM3004 - Intermediate Microsoft Access
COM3008 - Intro to Keyboarding
COM3009 - Intro to MS Outlook
COM3010 - Intro to Windows and Internet
COM3011 - Intro to MS Excel
COM3012 - Intermediate MS Excel
COM3013 - Intro to Keyboarding
COM3014 - Windows and the Internet
COM3022 - Introduction to Microsoft Word
COM3023 - Teamviewer and Vmware Player
COM3024 - Introduction to MS Excel
COM3025 - Computer Repair and Maintenance
COM3026 - Android Apps
COM3053 - More Android Apps
COM4551 - Google Suite Connect
COM4750 - Google Docs Made Easy
COM4751 - Managing Your Google Drive
COM4902 - Microsoft Project Level 1
COM4903 - Wordpress
COM4999 - Ed2Go Computer classes
COM5010 - Essential Computing Skills - 12hr Extension
COM5114 - Essential Computing Skills
COM5117 - MS Word 2016 Level III (Instructor Coached)
COM5118 - MS Word Advanced Skills: Using Mail Merge in Word
COM5119 - MS Word Advanced Skills: Working with Graphics and Objects
COM5123 - MS Excel 2016 Advanced Skills: Working with Tables in Excel
COM5124 - MS Excel 2016 Advanced Skills: PivotTables and Pivot Charts
COM5127 - MS Excel Level III (Instructor Coached)
COM5128 - MS Excel 2016 Advanced Skills: LOOKUP Functions and Outlines
COM5129 - Microsoft Excel Advanced Skills: Excel Macros
COM5131 - MS PowerPoint 2016 Level I
COM5143 - MS Access 2016 Level I
COM5147 - Microsoft Access 2013 Expert (Instructor Coached)
COM5160 - Quickbooks
COM5180 - MS Excel 2016 Level I
COM5181 - MS Word 2016 Level I
COM5182 - MS Word 2016 Level II
COM5183 - MS Word 2016 Level III
COM5184 - MS Excel 2016 Level II
COM5185 - MS Excel 2016 Level III
COM5901 - Complete Microsoft Computer Skills Series
COM5910 - THRIVE: Office Administration and Technology
COM6019 - Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010 - Online Course
COM6020 - Introduction to CorelDRAW X5 - Online Course
COM6081 - Drone Workshop for Photography and Video
COM6601 - Custom: Microsoft Office 365
COM6666 - Excel & Google Docs
COM6700 - How to Build a Drone Racer
COM6775 - Introduction to Applied Data Science
COM6800 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Applications, Operations, and Support: Key Topics of Industry
COM7010 - Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1...Not Just the Introduction But More (Instructor Led)
COM7019 - Business Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 (Instructor Coached)
COM7028 - Discovering the World of iPad
COM7029 - Exploring Windows 8
COM7032 - Using Spreadsheets to Help Manage Your Life
COM7037 - Microsoft Word 2010 Level 1
COM7038 - Microsoft Word 2010 Level 2
COM7039 - Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 1
COM7040 - Microsoft Excel 2010 Level 2
COM7041 - Microsoft Excel 2010 in the Workplace
COM7042 - Microsoft Outlook 2010 in the Workplace
COM7043 - Excel Training for Ag Business
COM7045 - Microsoft Excel 2016 - Excel 202
COM7046 - Business Applications Using Microsoft Excel 2016-Level 1
COM7047 - Business Applications Using Microsoft Excel 2016-Level 2
COM7049 - Introduction to Windows 10+
COM7050 - PowerPoint for Fun
COM7051 - Office Worker Business Applications Program 2016
COM7052 - PowerPoint for Hotels & Resorts of Halekulani
COM7053 - Office Worker Business Applications Program
COM7054 - Introduction to Gmail & Google Docs
COM7055 - Connecting with Zoom (real-time online)
COM7056 - Introduction to Web Design
COM8000 - Digital Readiness
COM8000 - Digital Readiness
COM8000 - Digital Readiness
COM8111 - MS Word 2016 Business Level I
COMP6999 - Course Title
ENR1112 - AFA CyberPatriot Program
ENR2023 - Browser Security
ENR2024 - Email Security
ENR4211 - Facebook Basics for New Users
ENR4518 - Kids College - Python Programmers
OCT1500 - Certificate in Data Analysis
OCT1501 - Introduction to Data Analysis
OCT1502 - Intermediate Data Analysis
OCT1503 - Advanced Data Analysis
OCT1504 - Certificate in Mastering Excel
OCT1505 - Mastering Microsoft Excel
OCT1506 - Intermediate Excel
OCT1507 - Advanced Excel
OCT1508 - SQL Certificate
OCT1509 - Introduction to SQL
OCT1510 - Intermediate SQL
OCT1511 - Advanced SQL
OCT1512 - Certificate in Web Design
OCT1513 - Introduction to Web Design
OCT1514 - Intermediate Web Design
OCT1515 - Advanced Web Design
OCT1516 - Coding Certificate
OCT1517 - Introduction to Coding
OCT1518 - HTML Fundamentals
OCT1519 - CSS Fundamentals
OCT1520 - Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace
OCT1522 - How Programming Works
OCT1524 - Communicating with Programmers
OCT1525 - WordPress Certificate
OCT1526 - Power BI Certificate
OCT1527 - Introduction to Power BI
OCT1528 - Intermediate Power BI
OCT1529 - Advanced Power BI
OCT1530 - Google Analytics Certificate
OCT1531 - Google Analytics
OCT1532 - Advanced Google Analytics
OCT6006 - EdtoGo: CompTIA™ A+ Certification Training
OCT6015 - EdtoGo: Creating WordPress Websites
OCT6017 - EdtoGo: Intermediate CSS3 and HTML5
OCT7010 - Certificate in Online Teaching
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