BUS4009 - Getting Your Job Search Started
BUS4914 - Getting Your Job Search Started (Online)
BUS4915 - Goal Setting (Online)
BUS7030 - Explorations: Knowing One's Self
BUS7031 - Explorations: Applied Life Skills
BUS7048 - Employability Series: Job Readiness
EDU1001 - Exam Proctoring (Hourly)
EDU1010 - Fire Fighter Exam Prep Course
EDU1012 - Job Success Skills Training
EDU1013 - CLEP Proctoring
EDU2300 - COMPASS Math Brushup
EDU3000 - Simple Strategies to Improve Academic Engagement, Behavior, and Social Skills
EDU3001 - Strengthen Your Writing Potential
EDU3002 - Using School-Wide Data to Identify Students Who Need Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support
EDU3003 - Supporting Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination with Student-Directed Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
EDU3004 - Behavior Screening Tools
EDU3005 - Using Self-Monitoring Strategies to Improve Academic Performance
EDU3008 - Tutor Training Certification, Level 1
EDU3011 - Technology in Education
EDU3013 - Your Academic Journey with Kapiā€˜olani Community College
EDU4012 - Conducting Research for Science Competitions (middle and high school students)
EDU4911 - Street Law
EDU5400 - Core Academic Skills for Educators
EDU5401 - Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
EDU5402 - Substitute Teacher Support
EDU5403 - Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications
EDU5450 - THRIVE (Teaching Habits to Reach Independence and Viable Employability)
EDU5610 - Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Competency Assessment
EDU7000 - Leading is Everybody's Business
EDU7001 - Becoming A Professional Human Being
EDU7002 - Organizational Team Fitness
EDU7003 - Change Management: Becoming a Quick Change Artist
EDU7004 - Organizational Team Fitness & Change Management: Becoming a Quick Change Artist (Combo)
EDU7007 - Career Pathway Explorations
EDU7008 - So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur
EDU8000 - Individualized Career Achievement Network (iCAN)
EDU8000 - iCAN iCAREER Skills
EDU8000 - iCAN CAREER Skills
EDU8000 - iCAN iCAREER Skills
EDU8000 - iCAN iCAREER Skills
EDU8001 - Just in Time
EDU8010 - iCAN iCOMPASS Prep
EDU8010 - iCAN Workforce Preparation Course
OCT1200 - Certificate in Online Teaching
OCT1201 - Advanced Teaching Online
OCT1202 - Designing Online Instruction
OCT1203 - Fostering Online Discussion
OCT1204 - Certificate in Learning Styles
OCT1205 - Students with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
OCT1206 - Gender in the Classroom
OCT1207 - Generational Learning Styles
OCT1210 - Learning While Black
OCT1211 - Certificate in Teaching Adults
Early Childhood Education
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