BUS4931 - Survival Skills for the New Trainer (Online)
BUS4932 - Making Training Stick (Online)
BUS4933 - Crisis Management (Online)
BUS4934 - Measuring Training Results (Online)
BUS4935 - Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for your Workplace (Online)
BUS4938 - Communication Strategies (Online)
BUS4940 - Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance (Online)
BUS4947 - Problem Solving and Decision Making (Online)
BUS4955 - Women and Leadership: Owning your Strengths and Skills (Online)
ENR3085 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health
ENR3086 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Keys to Better Brain Health
ENR3087 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Your Habits and Your Health: Simple Steps for Making Positive Change
ENR3088 - Your Health Matters Workshops Bundle: Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health; Keys to Better Brain Health; & Your Habits and Your Health: Simple Steps for Making Positive Change
ENR6162 - Talent Search: CPR & First Aid
FIT6305 - ACE Certified Personal Trainer Exam Prep
FIT6310 - Martial Arts
FIT6710 - Weight Training
HLTH3001 - Heartsaver First Aid
HLTH3002 - CPR Healthcare Provider
HLTH3008 - Nutrition for the New You--Eat Right, Feel Great!!
HLTH3009 - PHTLS Initial Course
HLTH3017 - Mammography for Radiologic Technologists
HLTH3025 - Health Career Pathway Connections
HLTH3028 - PWR!Moves Workshop
HLTH3029 - BLS Recertification
HLTH3033 - Best Practices in EMS
HLTH3034 - Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC)
HLTH3038 - Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition & Stabilization (PEARSĀ®)
HLTH3039 - Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) Hybrid 2 Day
HLTH3041 - Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Transition
HLTH3042 - Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Refresher
HLTH3043 - Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Refresher
HLTH3044 - Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) Hybrid
HLTH3045 - Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 24 Hour Refresher
HLTH3046 - Kupuna Direct Care Worker Online Training Package
HLTH3047 - A Guide to Being a Companion Homemaker: Roles & Responsibilities
HLTH3049 - Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Initial Course
HLTH3059 - Precept to Success
HLTH3061 - Community Health Worker
HLTH3064 - Community Health Worker Part II
HLTH3065 - Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens
HLTH3066 - Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults
HLTH3067 - Observation Recording and Documentation
HLTH3068 - Personal Care
HLTH3069 - Proper Body Mechanics and Back Safety
HLTH3070 - ICan Health Care Foundations
HLTH3100 - Basic Phlebotomy Techniques
HLTH3101 - Medical Terminology
HLTH3102 - Phlebotomy
HLTH3103 - Functional Anatomy and Physiology for Occupational Therapy (Lecture-Lab-Clinic)
HLTH3104 - Functional Anatomy and Physiology for Occupational Therapy (Clinic-Only)
HLTH3105 - Phlebotomy Applications
HLTH3106 - Optometry Assistant Program
HLTH3111 - Medical Transcription Online Program - Module 1 + Program Materials
HLTH3112 - Medical Transcription Online Program - Module 2
HLTH3113 - Medical Transcription Online Program - Module 3
HLTH3120 - Mammography for Radiologic Technologists
HLTH3121 - Medical Billing I
HLTH3122 - Medical Billing II
HLTH3123 - Basic Medical Coding
HLTH3124 - Professional Medical Coding Curriculum
HLTH3200 - Transfer Workshop for Home Care Workers, CNAs and Family Caregivers
HLTH3201 - What Family Caregivers Want and Need to Know
HLTH3202 - Hands-On Skills for Family Caregivers
HLTH3203 - How to Keep Your Brain Healthy as You Age
HLTH3204 - Encore Career Change & Life Transition for Boomers
HLTH3205 - Aging and Older Adults: A Brief Intro & Practical Approach(Online Class)
HLTH3206 - Fall Prevention
HLTH3300 - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills
HLTH3301 - Math for Nursing
HLTH3302 - Nursing Test Taking Strategies
HLTH3310 - Nursing Clinical Lab Skills
HLTH3315 - Nursing Lab Resource
HLTH3331 - Surgical Technology-Phase I
HLTH3332 - Surgical Technology II
HLTH3333 - Surgical Technology III
HLTH3334 - Surgical Technology IV
HLTH3335 - Surgical Technology V
HLTH3351 - Kupuna @ Home Level I: Personal Care Assistant
HLTH3352 - Kupuna @ Home Level II: Personal Care Assistant
HLTH3353 - Schmieding Home Care Worker Level III: Home Care Assistant
HLTH3354 - Kupuna@ Home: Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Training
HLTH3705 - Pharmacy Technician-Module 5
HLTH3854 - Massage for People Living with Cancer
HLTH3855 - Neuromuscular/Medical Massage
HLTH3907 - Growing Happy and Healthy Kids
HLTH3999 - Liability Insurance
HLTH4909 - Good Health with Feng Shui
HLTH4911 - Feng Shui Suite
HLTH5101 - CNA Re-Certification Course
HLTH5207 - Hawaii's Vision for Care Providers, Dental Module 7
HLTH5401 - Leeward Community College HITSS Conference Thursday ONLY
HLTH5402 - Leeward Community college HITSS Conference Friday ONLY
HLTH5403 - Leeward Community College HITSS Conference THU & FRI
HLTH5481 - CCS Exam Preparation Course
HLTH5601 - PSR Enrichment
HLTH5610 - PTCE Exam Prep
HLTH5700 - Medical Receptionist and Patient Services
HLTH5799 - NAHAM CHAA Examination Prep
HLTH6002 - WAITLIST for Phlebotomy Technician Program
HLTH6100 - WAITLIST for Clinical Medical Assistant Program
HLTH6500 - Dental Assisting Training
HLTH6506 - Dental Front Office Training
HLTH6901 - Certificate in Stress Management - Online Course
HLTH6902 - Human Anatomy and Physiology - Online Course
HLTH6905 - Assisting Aging Parents
HLTH6906 - Explore a Career as an Administrative Medical Assistant
HLTH7004 - CNA Post Apprenticeship
HLTH7100 - American Heart Assoc Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (New)
HLTH7101 - American Heart Assoc Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (Renewal)
HLTH7102 - American Heart Assoc Heartsaver First Aid (Stand-Alone)
HLTH7103 - American Heart Assoc Heartsaver CPR, First Aid & AED Training
OCT6008 - EdtoGo: Explore a Career as a Clinical Medical Assistant (mst)
OCT6010 - EdtoGo: Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success
OCT6012 - EdtoGo: Explore a Career in Medical Coding
OCT6022 - EdtoGo: Medical Spanish Series
OCT6031 - EdtoGo: Certificate in Integrative Mental Health
OCT6059 - EdtoGo:Certified Phlebotomy Technician (Voucher + Lab Included)
OCT6404 - EdtoGo: Medical Office Basics Suite (B8924)
OCT6922 - EdtoGo: Optician Certification Training (GES 126)
OCT6928 - EdtoGo: CPC Medical Billing and Coding (GES145)
OCT6933 - EdtoGo: CCA Medical Billing and Coding (Voucher Included) (GES184)
OCT6934 - EdtoGo: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) (Voucher Included) (GES180)
TEST5001 - Underwater basket weaving
TRAD4911 - OSHA 10 - General Industry
AHIMA Coding
Elderly Care and Home Care
Health and Safety
Healthcare Administration
Healthcare Technology
Massage Therapy
Medical Assisting
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