BUS4933 - Crisis Management (Online)
BUS4935 - Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for your Workplace (Online)
BUS4948 - Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program (Online)
CULN6103 - Food Allergy Basics in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Industry
ENR4513 - Kids College - Mythbusters
ENR6160 - Talent Search: Construction & The Trades
TRAD1005 - Home Maintenance and Repair: An Intro to the Construction Trades
TRAD2016 - Introduction to Ship Repair Welding Technology Program
TRAD2025 - HARIETT Program
TRAD2030 - Malama Wa'a Training Program
TRAD2035 - Malama Honua, Malama Kapalama
TRAD4700 - Contractors License Designation Study Seminar
TRAD4905 - OSHA: Fall Prevention and Ladder Safety
TRAD4911 - OSHA 10 - General Industry
TRAD4912 - 70E Standard Electrical Safety for the Workplace (for non-electrical worker)
TRAD5381 - Rockwell Industrial Automation Training
TRAD5411 - Applied Math and Physics
TRAD5412 - Tools and Their Uses
TRAD5413 - Applied Troubleshooting Techniques
TRAD5801 - Reading Electrical Systems Technical & Engineering Drawings
TRAD5802 - Reading Mechanical Systems Technical & Engineering Drawings
TRAD5803 - Reading Structural Systems Technical & Engineering Drawings (Residential and Light Commercial)
TRAD5804 - Reading Plumbing Systems Technical & Engineering Drawings
TRAD5805 - Reading Motor Control Circuits Technical & Engineering Drawings
TRAD5806 - Reading Welding and Machining Technical & Engineering Drawings
TRAD5811 - Bulk Handling Conveyers
TRAD5812 - Introduction to Packaging Systems
TRAD5814 - Casing Machine Maintenance
TRAD5901 - Industrial Automation Program
TRAD5980 - NX CAD Fundamental Processes
TRAD6041 - Fundamentals of Construction & Technical Plans
TRAD6105 - EPA 608 Certification Exam
TRAD6740 - Counterbalance Fork Lift
TRAD6741 - Rough Terrain Fork Lifts
TRAD6742 - Scissors Lift
TRAD6743 - Boom Lift
TRAD6744 - Aerial Lifts
TRAD6745 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Electrical Controls
TRAD6746 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Medical gas
TRAD6747 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-DDC
TRAD6748 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Start & Test Balance
TRAD6749 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Fixture and Appliances
TRAD6750 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Code
TRAD6751 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Related Science Code Review
TRAD6752 - Apprenticeship: Plumbing-Related Math
TRAD6753 - Apprenticeship: Masons-Basic Blue Print
TRAD6760 - Apprenticeship: Masons Ceramic Tile
TRAD6761 - MCCC Residential Construction
TRAD6762 - UHMC/DHHL Kealahou Project
TRAD7004 - Introduction to Drywall Installation
TRAD7005 - Introduction to Painting and Surface Finishes
TRAD7008 - Facility Maintenance Program and Green Construction
TRAD8101 - Security Guard Re-Certification Course
TRAD8350 - Forklift New Operator Training and Certification Course
TRAD8601 - Working in Water and Wastewater: Intro to the Industry
Facilities Maintenance
Industrial Automation
Masonry and Plastering
Power Engineering
Process Technology
Refrigeration and A/C
Safety and Compliance
Security and Defense
Sheet Metal
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