6954 - STEAM Camp: Animation!
6955 - Speed Reading
6956 - BrainPlay: Math that's Fun!
6959 - STEAM Music, Math and Photo Camp
6960 - ENR6960 C4K3 SKILLS Camp I: Need Speed?
6961 - SKILLS Camp II: Know-How!
6962 - Savvy Senior Projects
6964 - WAITLIST Retail Sales the RITE Way
AGR4000 - Introduction to Beekeeping
AGR4003 - Hive Box Building
AGR4004 - Feral Hive Removal & Hive Split
AGR4005 - Introduction to Aquaponics Systems
AGR4011 - Products of the Hive
AGR4909 - Feng Shui in the Garden
ART6605 - Photograph Water Like a Professional
ART6608 - Beginning Digital Photography 101
ART6610 - Drawing for the Absolute Beginner - ONLINE CLASS
ART6612 - Intro to Darkroom Printing
ART6613 - Introduction to Directing
ART6631 - Introduction to Ukulele
ART6634 - Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
ART7019 - GoPro Made Easy: A Hands-On Introductory GoPro Camera Workshop
ART7020 - GoPro Studio Made Easy: A Hands-On Introductory GoPro Studio Workshop
ART7021 - GoPro Made Easy: Hands-On Intro/Studio Workshop (Combo)
ART7025 - DSLR Shooting Modes Made Easy: A Hands-On Introductory Workshop
ART7026 - Flash Made Easy: A Hands-On Introductory Workshop
ART7027 - Photographic Composition Made Easy: A Hands-On Introductory Workshop
ART7030 - DSLR Shooting Modes Made Easy: A Two-Part Hands-On Introductory Workshop
ART7031 - Photographic Composition Made Easy - A Two-Part Hands-On Introductory Workshop
ART7035 - Contemporary Guitar
BUS3001 - Entrepreneur
BUS4912 - Becoming a Better Learner (Online)
BUS4939 - Public Speaking Survival School (Online)
BUS4940 - Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance (Online)
BUS4947 - Problem Solving and Decision Making (Online)
BUS4948 - Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program (Online)
BUS4955 - Women and Leadership: Owning your Strengths and Skills (Online)
BUS6013 - Social Media Images Made Easy with Canva
BUS7029 - Basic Accounting for the Non-Accountant
COM3006 - Security+ Certification Prep
COM3007 - A Fun Introduction to Computers
COM3027 - Computer Open Lab
COM4200 - PowerPoint 2016 Level 1
COM4500 - Quickbooks
COM4510 - Quickbooks Payroll
COM4600 - Outlook 2016 Level 1
COM4750 - Google Docs Made Easy
EDU3009 - Kaiaulu Webinar Series: COVID-19: Resiliency and Recovery Hawai`i
EDU3010 - Her Voice, Her Victory, Her VOTE! Celebration of the 100th Year of the 19th Amendment in America
EDU3012 - Celebrating our 75th Anniversary: The History of Kapi`olani Community College
EDU4911 - Street Law
EDU5501 - Mechatronics - Integrated Engineering Camp
EDU5502 - 4D Career Exploration - Discover, Develop, Define, and Determine
EDU5503 - Flex Your Creative Muscle
EDU5504 - Hooked on Fishing
ENR2056 - Exploring Hawaii State Library Services
ENR2057 - Using Your Google Play Account-For Android Devices
ENR2058 - Using Your App Account-For Apple Devices
ENR2063 - Cyber Safety - Protect Your Computer and Yourself!
ENR2082 - Email 201
ENR3002 - Going with the Grain
ENR3036 - Healthy Desserts
ENR3061 - Main Course Salads
ENR3081 - Holiday Breads
ENR3085 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health
ENR3086 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Keys to Better Brain Health
ENR3087 - Your Health Matters Workshops: Your Habits and Your Health: Simple Steps for Making Positive Change
ENR3088 - Your Health Matters Workshops Bundle: Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health; Keys to Better Brain Health; & Your Habits and Your Health: Simple Steps for Making Positive Change
ENR3108 - Introduction to Windows 10
ENR3117 - Verdure Italiane
ENR3118 - Frutti di Mare
ENR3119 - Maiale
ENR3120 - Monaco and Provence
ENR3121 - Making Take Out
ENR3122 - The Lotus Eaters
ENR3123 - Farmers Market Veggies
ENR3124 - Fried Doughs
ENR3125 - Three Cheesecakes
ENR3126 - Apples and Pears
ENR3127 - Dolci Italiani
ENR3128 - Ukulele Together
ENR3130 - Pasta Masta
ENR3131 - Heart Healthy Valentine's Treats
ENR3132 - Tonno
ENR3133 - Uova
ENR3134 - Fabulous Fish
ENR3135 - Riso
ENR3136 - The Simple Pleasures
ENR3137 - Green Easter
ENR3138 - Cooking Local Corn
ENR3140 - One Pot Meals
ENR3141 - Au Bistrot
ENR3142 - Cooking Local Andagi
ENR3143 - Texas Pies
ENR3144 - Good Morning
ENR3145 - Condiments and Sliders
ENR3146 - MELT Pain Relief Multi Session Series
ENR3162 - Advanced Ukulele
ENR3163 - Navigating the Journey: End-of-Life-Issues
ENR4008 - Well Heeled: Women, Power and Money
ENR4010 - Creating Paintings from Photos (Ipad Pro)
ENR4015 - Understanding Shakespeare
ENR4100 - Facebook for Personal Use
ENR4110 - The Power of Everyday Choices
ENR4212 - Discover Your Social Style
ENR4301 - Introduction to Mechanical CAD Design (Makerspace)
ENR4302 - Raspberry Pi (Makerspace)
ENR4304 - Electric Cars on Kauai (Makerspace)
ENR4305 - Introduction to the World of 3D Printing (Makerspace)
ENR4307 - Lithophane-Makerspace
ENR4400 - Astronomy for Amateurs: Learning to Use Your Telescope
ENR4409 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making - #3 Hili Style
ENR4900 - Intro to Oli, Hawaiian Chant
ENR4901 - Introduction to Oli and Hula Olapa
ENR4911 - Coconut Basket Weaving
ENR4912 - Coconut Hat Weaving
ENR4986 - Crochet Along: C2C (Corner to Corner)
ENR5001 - Zumba Gold® (Low Impact)
ENR5010 - Personal Training
ENR5120 - Introduction to Okinawan Dance
ENR5300 - Hot Salsa Latin Dance Class
ENR5400 - My Child is Work-Bound!
ENR5500 - Driver Education
ENR6065 - Creative Songwriting
ENR6071 - Get started with Crochet
ENR6118 - Kids Tech Camp - Make a Video Game! (Ages 9-12) Oct 9-13
ENR613 - Hawaiian Culture - Moku of Maui - Lahaina, Wailuku,Hamakua Poko,Koolau, and Hana
ENR6600 - Eating for a Healthier Planet
ENR6627 - Astronomy for Beginners
ENR6629 - Genealogy Basics - ONLINE CLASS
ENR6801 - Feng Shui that Makes Sense
ENR6802 - Women's Health - Healthy Eating and Weight Management
ENR6808 - Take a Memory & Turn It Into a Story!
ENR6841 - Minecraft Mania
ENR6900 - Ready, Set, Spray Paint!
ENR6901 - Video Games from Scratch!
ENR6902 - PhotoShop Elements for Kids
ENR6903 - Paper Art
ENR6904 - The Polymers are Coming!
ENR6905 - Up, Up in the Air!
ENR6906 - Camp iFun: iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand
ENR6938 - The Polymers are Coming!
ENR6939 - Minecraft in Education
ENR6940 - STEAM Camp I: Whoosh & Zip!
ENR6941 - Minecraft Level 1
ENR6943 - Study & Test-Taking Tips
ENR6945 - 7 Habits of Effective Teens
ENR6946 - The Best Colored Eggs!
ENR6947 - My Own iOS App
ENR6948 - Cooking Math the Fun Way
ENR6950 - Beginning Writer - Online Course
ENR7015 - CyberSafety Education and Awareness Workshop
ENR7049 - Drum Workshop with Noel Okimoto
ENR7050 - Slack Key Guitar with Ron and Pomaikai Loo
ENR7051 - Conquering Your Finances
ENR7052 - Chi Kung and Memory Exercises
ENR7053 - Chi Kung for Reducing Muscle Tension
ENR7054 - Tai Chi and Relaxed Vision
ENR7055 - Tai Chi and Chi Kung for Balance
ENR7056 - Clutter Free for Life - Reinventing Your Space (Part 3)
ENR7057 - K-Drama 102
ENR7058 - Feng Shui: Health & Prosperity in the Year of the Wood Sheep (2015)
ENR7060 - Games For Your Brain and Your Family
ENR7061 - Play Your Life - Gamifying Your Finances, Health and Day to Day Living
ENR7062 - The Art of Memory Palace - Tricking Your Brain Into Remembering Everything
ENR7065 - Feng Shui: Health & Prosperity in 2015 & the Future Years
ENR7066 - Chinese Astrology: Favorable Periods in Your Life
ENR7067 - Essential Basic Knife Skills & Kitchen Gadgets
ENR7068 - Dogs Are Healers - The Human Animal Bond
ENR7069 - From Jan's Crazy Kitchen: How to Prepare Korean Side Dishes (Banchan)
ENR7070 - Adventure Design for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
ENR7071 - CyberSafety 101 - Holiday Edition
ERN4410 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making- #4 Lei Hilo
FIT4016 - FIT4015 Hiking (HPER 148)
FIT6610 - Zumba Fitness
FIT6621 - HOT HULA fitness ®
FIT6624 - Pilates for Body Fitness and Wellness
FIT6625 - IS 190V Martial Arts-Self Defense I
FIT6690 - Fitness - UH Maui Summer Fitness Program - (June-Aug $60 -112 classes)
FIT7020 - Replacement Card Fee-Safe Boating in Hawaiian Waters
FIT7025 - Replacement Card Fee - Recreational Thrill Craft Edu Course
FIT7030 - Replacement Card Fee - Ocean Safety Edu Course
FIT8120 - Safe Boating In Hawaiian Waters
HIC5002 - Building a Successful Career after Covid-19
HIC5003 - The Leadership Playbook
HIC5004 - Nourishing Happiness
HIC5005 - Lean In: Women's Leadership Circle
HIC5006 - Four C's of career resiliency: Core Attributes, Communication, Clarity and Confidence
HIC5007 - Speaking the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
HLTH3025 - Health Career Pathway Connections
HLTH4909 - Good Health with Feng Shui
HLTH4911 - Feng Shui Suite
HLTH6016 - Fermented Foods: How They Help Digestion and How to Make Them
LANG1005 - Japanese Language and Cultural Awareness (HARIETT)
LANG3112 - Super Express Japanese - Ready Set Go for Japan
LANG6635 - Speak Hawaiian - For Beginners
LANG6636 - Advanced Speak Hawaiian
LANG6638 - French 2
LANG6639 - Travel Italian
LANG6640 - Portuguese for Travelers
LANG6641 - Introduction to Japanese
LANG6642 - Speed Spanish - Online Course
LANG6644 - An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL - Online Course
LANG6645 - Creative Writing: Intro and More
LANG6646 - Research Methods for Writers - Online Course
LANG6647 - Mystery Writing - Online Course
LANG6648 - Travel Writing - Online Course
LANG6649 - Writing for Children - Online Course
LANG6660 - Introduction to Korean Language and Culture
OCT1300 - The Teen Brain
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