Program Streams

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AGR5000 - Cooking With "Canoe" Plants
AGR6060 - Cooking With "Canoe" Plants
BUS4935 - Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for your Workplace (Online)
CULN1001 - Basics of Butchery
CULN3000 - ServSafe Food Handler Training
CULN3007 - Basic Knife Skills
CULN3008 - Professional Knife Skills
CULN3009 - Professional Sauces and Plating
CULN3010 - Professional Artisan Breads
CULN3011 - Professional Pastry Making
CULN3015 - Baking Local
CULN3016 - Cooking With the Family Series
CULN3017 - DIY Series: Tailgating Made Simple
CULN3018 - DIY Series: Seed to Table
CULN3019 - DIY Series: Butchery
CULN3020 - DIY Series: Baking & Sourdough Starter
CULN3021 - DIY Series: Holiday Baking Pop-Up
CULN3026 - Professional Cook Program
CULN3030 - Home Baking with Dante & Chef Tiffanie Masutani
CULN3031 - Cooking Foods en Papillote
CULN3032 - Culinary and Culture at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific
CULN3033 - Pancit Two Ways
CULN3035 - Couples Cooking at CIP - Valentine's Day!
CULN3037 - Fundamentals of Bread Making
CULN3041 - Cooking Local Noodles Part 2
CULN3042 - Cooking Local Shoyu Family of Marinades
CULN3043 - Cooking Local Dumplings
CULN3044 - Cooking Local Korean Favorites
CULN3045 - Cooking Local Thai Favorites
CULN3046 - Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites
CULN3047 - Cooking Local Easy Sushi
CULN3048 - Fundamentals of Baking
CULN3049 - Fundamentals in Pie Making
CULN3050 - Fundamentals of Cookie Making
CULN3053 - Basic Knife Skills with Chef Grant
CULN3054 - Cooking with Fish
CULN3055 - Professional Garnishing
CULN3056 - Cooking Local Favorites: Chinese
CULN3057 - Soup Basics
CULN3058 - Cooking Local Favorites: Japanese #3
CULN3059 - Cooking Local Favorites: Chinese #2
CULN3060 - Cooking with Chicken
CULN3061 - Potato Cookery
CULN3062 - Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!
CULN3063 - Cooking Local Favorites: Korean
CULN3064 - Cooking Local Favorites: Japanese
CULN3067 - Cooking Indian Food
CULN3068 - Condiments and Preserves
CULN3070 - Traditional Holiday Breads
CULN3071 - Kids Mini Bake Off
CULN3072 - Quick Breads
CULN3073 - Kids: Decorating Cookies
CULN3074 - Local Year-End Foods
CULN3088 - Cooking Local Favorites: Thai #2 (Pork Meatball and Tofu Soup, Beef Satay, Mango with Sticky Rice)
CULN3089 - Cooking Local Favorites: Sushi #2 NEXT LEVEL (combination rolls, temarizushi, and basic nigirizushi)
CULN3090 - Holiday Baked Goods: Gingerbread Cake, Pumpkin Butter Mochi and Cranberry Bars
CULN3091 - Indian Cooking #2: Mango Chutney, Spinach Curry and Fresh Paneer Cheese, and Poppadum
CULN6001 - Oktoberfest on Maui! Craft Beer & Homemade Sausage Pairings
CULN6003 - Uncovering the Mystery of Sous Vide Cookery
CULN6004 - Traditional Japanese Sashimi & Makunouchi Bento Box Making
CULN6006 - Pies and Tarts
CULN6007 - Pasta Making
CULN6008 - Cake Decorating
CULN6009 - Chocolate!
CULN6010 - Breakfast Pastries
CULN6011 - Healthy and Delicious Desserts with Chef Krista
CULN6014 - Baking Bread
CULN6016 - Flatbreads and Spreads with Chef Krista
CULN6021 - Food Defense, from Farm-to-Fork!
CULN6024 - Good Manufacturing Practices & Sanitation for Food Producers
CULN6025 - Fundamentals for HACCP Implementation
CULN6034 - Preserve It Series: The Art & Science of Pickled and Fermented Foods
CULN6035 - Preserve It Series: Jams & Jellies Made Easy!
CULN6100 - ServSafe Food Handler Basic Certification
CULN6101 - Prep Cook Certification
CULN6102 - Applied Math through Culinary Arts Skills Enhancement
CULN6103 - Food Allergy Basics in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts Industry
CULN6120 - Culinary Arts Youth Camp
CULN8100 - Meat Processing Program
ENR3000 - Veggie Indian
ENR3001 - Something from the Oven
ENR3003 - Baking With Your Kids-Quick Breads
ENR3004 - Fall Flavors
ENR3006 - Soups and Stews
ENR3007 - Fall Pies
ENR3008 - Gluten-Free Thanksgiving
ENR3009 - Cooking With Your Kids-Fruits and Veggies
ENR3010 - Holiday Breads
ENR3011 - Veggie Breakfast
ENR3012 - Cooking With Your Kids-Breakfast
ENR3013 - Middle Eastern Desserts
ENR3014 - Baking With Your Kids-Cookies
ENR3015 - Gourmet Vegetarian Holiday Festival
ENR3016 - Holiday Gifts
ENR3017 - Lebanese Food
ENR3018 - Old Fashioned Holiday
ENR3019 - What's in the Fridge?
ENR3021 - Brown Baggin' It
ENR3022 - The Most Important Meal
ENR3023 - American Beauties
ENR3024 - Interesting Chicken
ENR3025 - Healthy Home Lunch
ENR3026 - Middle Eastern Chicken
ENR3027 - La Cena
ENR3028 - Middle Eastern Beef
ENR3029 - Quick and Easy Indian
ENR3030 - Popular Pies
ENR3031 - Family Food
ENR3032 - Very Strawberry
ENR3033 - Kombucha and Friends
ENR3034 - Middle Eastern Fish
ENR3035 - El Pescado
ENR3036 - Healthy Desserts
ENR3037 - Spring Flavors
ENR3038 - Fun on a Bun!
ENR3039 - Veggie Protein
ENR3040 - La Barbacoa
ENR3041 - Restaurant Favorites
ENR3042 - Asian Noodles
ENR3043 - Middle Eastern Cuisine I
ENR3044 - Hankooking-Korean Cuisine I
ENR3045 - Totally Tofu
ENR3046 - Hankooking- Korean Cuisine II
ENR3047 - The World of Coffee
ENR3048 - Local to da Max!
ENR3049 - Pasta Perfecta
ENR3050 - Hankooking-Korean Cuisine III
ENR3051 - Curry in a Hurry
ENR3052 - Culinary Summer Camp for Teens!
ENR3053 - Summer Flavors
ENR3054 - Cooking Local-So you think you can Korean?
ENR3055 - Cooking Camp for Kids!
ENR3056 - The Whirled is Flat
ENR3057 - You Scream Ice Cream
ENR3058 - South Pacific
ENR3059 - Middle Eastern Cuisine II
ENR3060 - Middle Eastern Cuisine III
ENR3061 - Main Course Salads
ENR3062 - I Love Izakaya
ENR3063 - My Thai
ENR3064 - Cooking Local: Korean II
ENR3065 - Cooking Local: Korean III
ENR3066 - Cooking Local: Okinawan Favorites
ENR3067 - Bacon Bacon Bacon
ENR3068 - Sumptuous Sides
ENR3069 - Pasta Fresca
ENR3070 - Sicilia
ENR3071 - Campania
ENR3072 - Lazio
ENR3073 - Toscana
ENR3074 - Worlds of Flavor
ENR3075 - Revved Up Rice
ENR3076 - Quick Breads
ENR3077 - Apples a la Mode
ENR3078 - Bon Bons Bon Fait
ENR3079 - Pumpkin Party
ENR3080 - Rich Doughs
ENR3082 - Artisan Breads
ENR3083 - Laminated Doughs
ENR3084 - Holiday Cookie Swap
ENR3090 - Asian Soups
ENR3091 - Cooking Local: Noodles
ENR3092 - Korean Street Food
ENR3093 - Hors d’oeuvres, Canapés, and Tartlettes
ENR3094 - My Korean Obsession
ENR3095 - Emilia-Romagna
ENR3096 - Veneto
ENR3097 - Lombardia
ENR3098 - La Cuisine Bourgeoise
ENR3099 - Shrimp-alooza
ENR3100 - How to Wok Your Pig
ENR3101 - Chinese Chicken
ENR3102 - Veggie Chinese
ENR3103 - Spring Greens
ENR3104 - Gluten Freedom!
ENR3105 - Valentine's Day
ENR3106 - A Good Nosh
ENR3107 - The Essentials of Wine Tasting
ENR3111 - Baking Camp for Kids!
ENR3130 - Pasta Masta
ENR3131 - Heart Healthy Valentine's Treats
ENR3132 - Tonno
ENR3133 - Uova
ENR3134 - Fabulous Fish
ENR3135 - Riso
ENR3136 - The Simple Pleasures
ENR3137 - Green Easter
ENR3138 - Cooking Local Corn
ENR3139 - Sourdough 101
ENR3140 - One Pot Meals
ENR3141 - Au Bistrot
ENR3142 - Cooking Local Andagi
ENR3143 - Texas Pies
ENR3144 - Good Morning
ENR3145 - Condiments and Sliders
ENR3148 - Cooking Local - Korean Favorites
ENR3149 - Vacanze Romane
ENR3150 - Crespelle
ENR3151 - Nowrooz
ENR3152 - So Farsi, So Good
ENR3153 - Persian Chicken
ENR3154 - Got Bowls?
ENR3155 - Ooooh XO Sauce!
ENR3156 - Kung Fu Shrimp
ENR3157 - Instant Pot Mania
ENR3158 - Summer Salads
ENR3159 - Party Pupus
ENR3160 - Cooking Local - Asian Stews
ENR3165 - Okinawan Super Foods
ENR3178 - Ignite: Chef's Table
ENR3179 - Ignite: Dining Under the Stars
ENR4710 - Baking with Ease
ENR6110 - Sushi ABC's
ENR6111 - Kim Chee and Mandoo Dumplings 101
ENR6121 - Pupus & Appetizers with Chef Dean
ENR6122 - Dressings & Salads with Chef Dean
ENR6123 - Sensational Sauces with Chef Dean
ENR6124 - Demonstrate your Culinary Skills: Mystery Basket Competition
ENR6600 - Eating for a Healthier Planet
HLTH4010 - Nutrition (HLTH285)
HOSP5310 - Introduction to Cookery
HOSP7034 - Japanese Favorites
HOSP7047 - Pastry and Baking Series
HOSP7052 - Baking Camps
HOSP8120 - Online Food Safety & Sanitation - ServSafe Food Handler Certification
INTL3089 - STP Yokosuka College, Intensive Culinary Program
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