AGR1018 - Big Island Cacao Instructional Workshop
AGR2028 - Pesticide Best Practices
AGR4000 - Introduction to Beekeeping
AGR4002 - Honey Harvesting
AGR4003 - Hive Box Building
AGR4004 - Feral Hive Removal & Hive Split
AGR4005 - Introduction to Aquaponics Systems
AGR4007 - GoFarm Hawaii @ KauaiCC
AGR4010 - Hydroponic Food Production
AGR5040 - Organic Pest Control
AGR5200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
AGR6002 - Beeginning Beekeeping
AGR6003 - Intermediate Beekeeping
AGR6005 - Sustainable Farming: Fundamentals from Soil to Harvest
AGR6007 - Managing Pests & Diseases for Plants
AGR6009 - Fertility Management
AGR6013 - AgriTourism: Marketing your farm as a visitor destination
AGR6014 - Growing for 1st Time Gardeners
AGR6023 - Basic Plant Botany, Propagation & Seeds
AGR6024 - Weed Management for Organic Operations
AGR6026 - Get Powerful with Power Tools
AGR6027 - Introduction to Crop Planning, Farm Business and Certifications
AGR6028 - Intro to Korean Natural Farming w/ Chickens & Pigs
AGR6029 - Beekeeping: Dividing & Catching Swarms
AGR6031 - From Farm to Table 1
AGR6032 - From Farm to Table 2
AGR6035 - Harvesting Honey
AGR6036 - Organic Pesticide Best Practices
AGR6040 - Planting Fruit Trees I
AGR6041 - Planting Fruit Trees II
AGR6042 - Building with Bamboo Series
AGR6046 - Building with Bamboo Day 1
AGR6047 - Building with Bamboo Day 2
AGR6048 - Building with Bamboo Day 3
AGR6050 - From Seeds To Riches
AGR6052 - Crafts With Bamboo
AGR6053 - Composting 101
AGR6054 - Preserving Your Produce
AGR6055 - Pruning Fruit Trees
AGR6059 - Soil Care and Fertilization for Gardens and Landscapes
AGR6060 - Cooking With "Canoe" Plants
AGR6065 - Loi Production & Planning
AGR6089 - Plant Serial Killers
AGR6090 - Farm Apprentice Certificate
AGR6253 - Agricultural Technician Certificate
AGR6260 - Food Forest Workshop
AGR6300 - Vermiculture: Composting with Worms
AGR6350 - All About Biochar: The Whys and Hows of this Amazing Soil Amendment
AGR6508 - Train the Trainer FSMA Produce Safety Course
AGR6600 - Improved Crop Production with Low & High Tunnels
AGR6605 - Principles of Irrigation
AGR6700 - Farmscaping with Plants for Farm Resilience, Pollinators and Mulch
AGR8000 - Growing Your Ag Business from the Ground Up
AGR8200 - Horticultural Operations Prep (H.O.P.) - CoPD
AGR8201 - Business Plan Development Training for Farmers - CoPD
AGR8203 - Sustainable Production Practices, CoPD
AGR8205 - Integrated Pest Management - CoPD
AGR8207 - Farm Management - CoPD
AGR8209 - Irrigation Repair and Theory, CoPD
AGR8210 - Home and Community Food Security
AGR8500 - GoFarm Hawaii
AGR8600 - AgSchool
AGR8610 - AgPro
BUS1116 - Business Basics for Beginning Farmers
ENR1302 - Gardening with Native Hawaiian Plants
ENR1402 - UAS Academy - UAS 101 FAA License Test Prep & Flight
ENR1403 - UAS Academy - Introduction to Drones (UAS 101)
ENR1404 - UAS Academy-FAA License Test Prep
ENR6164 - Youth Farm Apprentice
INTL3086 - Intensive Hawaiian Food Culture Program-STP2019 OIU (HIC)
SUS6362 - Home Gardening for Sustainability
TRAD4350 - Skid Steer Loader Training