6711 - How to Grow and Maintain Tropical Fruit Trees
AGR1017 - Irrigation Systems: Operation and Repair
AGR4002 - Honey Harvesting
AGR4007 - GoFarm Hawaii @ KauaiCC
AGR4100 - Introduction Into Basic Tree Felling
AGR4204 - Landscapers Conference
AGR4205 - Home Gardening: Soil Fertility and Insect and Plant Disease
AGR4208 - Chainsaw Safety/Field Maintenance and Tree Felling Program
AGR5200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
AGR6000 - Edible Landscape Design
AGR6016 - Reef-Friendly Shoreline Innovations
AGR6019 - Chainsaw User Safety & Practice
AGR6023 - Basic Plant Botany, Propagation & Seeds
AGR6024 - Weed Management for Organic Operations
AGR6037 - Creative Agroforestry
AGR6039 - All About Trees (Arborist's Certification Prep Course)
AGR6051 - Your Backyard Foodscape
AGR6056 - Hands-On With Bamboo
AGR6200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
AGR6250 - Introduction to Permaculture Design
AGR6255 - Permaculture Design Certification
AGR6605 - Principles of Irrigation
AGR8100 - Basic Training in Landscape Maintenance and Installation
AGR8401 - Pollinator Protection; Protecting Pollinators During Pesticide Applications
ENR1302 - Gardening with Native Hawaiian Plants
ENR1402 - UAS Academy - UAS 101 FAA License Test Prep & Flight
ENR1403 - UAS Academy - Introduction to Drones (UAS 101)
ENR1404 - UAS Academy-FAA License Test Prep
SUS6150 - Natural Resources & Environmental Management Certificate
SUS6700 - Intro to Reef-Friendly Landscape Options
TRAD4350 - Skid Steer Loader Training
TRAD4910 - Chainsaw Safety and Field Maintenance