AGR8201 - Business Plan Development Training for Farmers - CoPD
BUS1031 - Navigating the Dynamics of Difference
BUS1032 - Leading Organizational Change
BUS1033 - Coaching Workplace Teams
BUS1035 - I Want YOU!: Designing the Ideal Hiring and Onboarding Process
BUS1116 - Business Basics for Beginning Farmers
BUS1503 - College Accounting I (ACC 120)
BUS1509 - Starting a Business (ENT 125)
BUS2002 - UHCC Entrepreneurship Program
BUS2031 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Clinic
BUS2053 - Scratching Your Niche Entrepreneur & Start-Up Course Series
BUS3077 - Trademark Basics: What Every Small Business Should Know Now, Not Later
BUS3085 - Write a Smart Business Plan
BUS3089 - Successful Grant Writing Series
BUS3090 - So You Wanna Start a Side Hustle?
BUS3092 - Mauna Loa: Reinvigorating an Iconic Hawaiian Brand
BUS4012 - Basic Office Skills
BUS4900 - Chamber Business Growth-Introduction to Customer Service
BUS4901 - Chamber Business Growth-Communication: Making Customers Feel Welcome
BUS4907 - Chamber Business Growth: Multi Generations in the Workplace
BUS4917 - Kickstart Your Business with Crowdsourcing (Online)
BUS4918 - Writing a Business Plan (Online)
BUS4919 - E-Commerce Management (Online)
BUS4920 - Building an Online Business (Online)
BUS4921 - Communications for Small Business Owners (Online)
BUS4922 - Basic Business Management: Bootcamp for Business Owners (Online)
BUS4923 - Introduction to E-Mail marketing (Online)
BUS4924 - Marketing with Social Media (Online)
BUS4925 - Building a Brand on Social Media (Online)
BUS4926 - Basic Internet Marketing (Online)
BUS4929 - Selling Smarter (Online)
BUS4942 - Writing Reports and Proposals (Online)
BUS4943 - Business Writing that Works (Online)
BUS4944 - Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure (Online)
BUS4945 - Successfully Managing Change (Online)
BUS4946 - Accounting Skills for New Supervisors (Online)
BUS4949 - Coaching and Mentoring (Online)
BUS4950 - Project Management Fundamentals (Online)
BUS4951 - Managing Difficult Conversations (Online)
BUS4952 - Becoming Management Material (Online)
BUS4953 - Marketing and Sales (Online)
BUS4954 - Building Better Teams (Online)
BUS4955 - Women and Leadership: Owning your Strengths and Skills (Online)
BUS4956 - Leadership Skills for Supervisors (Online)
BUS6012 - Introduction to Using Instagram for Business
BUS6015 - MFIC - Maui Food Manufacturing 101: Concept to Market
BUS6016 - MFIC - Maui Food Manufacturing 201: Penetrating the Local Wholesale Market
BUS6017 - MFIC - Maui Food Manufacturing 301: Grow Your Food Brand
BUS6325 - Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
BUS6326 - Fundamentals of Accounting
BUS6327 - Fundamentals of Accounting II
BUS6328 - Introduction to Crystal Reports 10
BUS6346 - Keys to Effective Communication
BUS6348 - Start Your Own Small Business
BUS6349 - Business and Marketing Writing
BUS6352 - Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
BUS6353 - Secrets of the Caterer
BUS6354 - Start Your Own Gift Basket Business
BUS6356 - Get Paid to Travel
BUS6357 - Start Your Own Consulting Practice
BUS6358 - Finding Your Niche in Today's Job Market-Level 1
BUS6359 - Finding Your Niche in Today's Job Market-Level 2
BUS6370 - Hawaii General Excise Tax and Payroll Taxes: What you need to know for Beginners
BUS6450 - "Huli Huli That House" Flipping for Fun & Profit
BUS6801 - Food Trends: Finding Your Niche in the Specialty Foods Industry ONLINE COURSE
BUS6802 - Food Product Development and Technology Essentials ONLINE COURSE
BUS6803 - Quality Assurance and Food Safety Principles ONLINE COURSE
BUS6804 - Good Manufacturing Practices for Food Producers ONLINE COURSE
BUS6820 - Maui Food Industry X-celerator via ZOOM
BUS6821 - Food Products-Concept to Consumer Incubator Program
BUS6903 - Real Estate Investing
BUS6908 - International & Domestic Home Exchange
BUS6999 - "Talk Story" with your Camera
BUS7001 - Starting a New Small Business
BUS8801 - Food Trends: Finding Your Niche in the Specialty Foods Industry
BUS8802 - Food Product Development and Technology Essentials
BUS8803 - Quality Assurance and Food Safety Principles
BUS8804 - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Food Producers
BUS8805 - Food Industry Fundamentals ONLINE COURSE
BUS8805 - Food Industry Fundamentals
COM1600 - Beginning Full Stack Java Script
CULN6002 - MFIC: Master Food Preservers Certificate Training Program
CULN6023 - Packaging & Design for Food Products
CULN6025 - Fundamentals for HACCP Implementation
CULN6030 - How to Export Your Food Products
CULN6031 - Managing & Leveraging Food Brokerage Networks
CULN6033 - Mastering Food Preserving
CULN6034 - Preserve It Series: The Art & Science of Pickled and Fermented Foods
CULN6035 - Preserve It Series: Jams & Jellies Made Easy!
ENR1306 - Six Feet of Aloha - Coping with the New Abnormal
ENR1402 - UAS Academy - UAS 101 FAA License Test Prep & Flight
ENR1403 - UAS Academy - Introduction to Drones (UAS 101)
ENR1404 - UAS Academy-FAA License Test Prep
ENR4115 - Finish Your Novel or Screenplay
EP110917 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Clinic
SUS6030 - Becoming a General Contractor