AGR5000 - Cooking With "Canoe" Plants
AGR5200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
AGR6034 - Cooking With Honey
CULN1001 - Basics of Butchery
CULN3007 - Basic Knife Skills
CULN3016 - Cooking With the Family Series
CULN3017 - DIY Series: Tailgating Made Simple
CULN3018 - DIY Series: Seed to Table
CULN3019 - DIY Series: Butchery
CULN3020 - DIY Series: Baking & Sourdough Starter
CULN3021 - DIY Series: Holiday Baking Pop-Up
CULN3022 - Introduction to Baking
CULN3023 - Mobile Food Styling: Photography & Social Media
CULN3031 - Cooking Foods en Papillote
CULN3033 - Pancit Two Ways
CULN6013 - Parent / Child - Cupcakes with Chef Krista (Ages 8-12)
ENR1009 - Japanese Cuisine: Ichiban Dashi & Miso Soup
ENR1010 - Japanese Cuisine: Mochi and Manju
ENR1011 - Gifts from the Kitchen
ENR1057 - Sugarcane Juicing
ENR1064 - Introduction to Yeast Breads
ENR3005 - Cooking Under Pressure
ENR3041 - Restaurant Favorites
ENR3052 - Culinary Summer Camp for Teens!
ENR3055 - Cooking Camp for Kids!
ENR3069 - Pasta Fresca
ENR3090 - Asian Soups
ENR3111 - Baking Camp for Kids!
ENR3139 - Sourdough 101
ENR3148 - Cooking Local - Korean Favorites
ENR3149 - Vacanze Romane
ENR3150 - Crespelle
ENR3151 - Nowrooz
ENR3152 - So Farsi, So Good
ENR3153 - Persian Chicken
ENR3154 - Got Bowls?
ENR3155 - Ooooh XO Sauce!
ENR3156 - Kung Fu Shrimp
ENR3157 - Instant Pot Mania
ENR3158 - Summer Salads
ENR3159 - Party Pupus
ENR3160 - Cooking Local - Asian Stews
ENR3165 - Okinawan Super Foods
ENR4700 - Cooking Made Easy
ENR4710 - Baking with Ease
ENR4720 - Baking with Ease: Cake Decorating
ENR6120 - Culinary Team Building
ENR6126 - WonderFALL Italian!
ENR6127 - Mangia el Fresco! An Easy-on-the-Host; Regional Italian Dinner
ENR6128 - An Italian Thanksgiving
ENR6129 - Culinary Gifts from the Kitchen
ENR6130 - Pate a Choux
ENR6131 - Making Holiday Cookies with the Kids (Ages 7 and up) Parent and Child Class
ENR6132 - Breakfast and Brunch Favorites
ENR6133 - Beautifully Plated Tropical Desserts
ENR6134 - Lean Italian Cuisine
ENR6137 - Fantastic Beer Brewing Made Easy
ENR6138 - The Art of Smoking Fish
ENR6139 - Recipes for an Italian Valentine's Day
ENR6141 - Spring in Tuscany
ENR6142 - Basic Baking 101
ENR6169 - Culinary Arts- Cooking Demonstrations
ENR7059 - Chef's Secrets to Save You Time & Money
HOSP6623 - Cooking Seafood
HOSP7017 - Vegan with Friends: Orientation
HOSP7019 - Wine Series: West Coast Regions
HOSP7021 - Vegan with Friends: Transforming Your Island Favorites
HOSP7023 - Slow Cooker Meals: Making Tough - Tender and Flavorful
HOSP7025 - Keiki and Kupuna in the Kitchen: Baking Quick Breads
HOSP7027 - Sous Vide 101 - Controlled Cooking
HOSP7028 - Tempering Temperamental Chocolate: The Art of Patience
HOSP7029 - Weekday Cooking: One Day Prep, One Week of Meals