6726 - Piano Clinic with Anne Ku: "How To" Series II
AGR4002 - Honey Harvesting
ART1300 - Painting
ART3148 - Hand Building Art Class (Air Dry Clay) Grandparent and Grandchild
ART3149 - Canvas Painting - Grandchild and Grandparent
ART6615 - Ceramics: Supervised Open Studio (Int to Adv)
ART7000 - Japanese Flower Arranging - Ikebana Sogetsu
ART7001 - Play in Clay
ART7002 - Beading - Make and Take
ART7006 - Constructing a New Year's Kadomatsu
ENR1059 - Lauhala Weaving
ENR1300 - Macrame
ENR1301 - Make Lei and Stretch it Out
ENR1302 - Gardening with Native Hawaiian Plants
ENR1401 - UAS Academy - Drone Camp
ENR1402 - UAS Academy - UAS 101 FAA License Test Prep & Flight
ENR1403 - UAS Academy - Introduction to Drones (UAS 101)
ENR1404 - UAS Academy-FAA License Test Prep
ENR1405 - UAS Academy-Aerial Imaging
ENR2076 - Ukulele Making
ENR3110 - Elements of Art
ENR3167 - DIY Series: Lei Making
ENR3168 - Floral Wedding Design I
ENR4003 - Concert Band
ENR4004 - College Orchestra
ENR4005 - Jazz Ensemble
ENR4111 - Sustainable Fung Shui
ENR4115 - Finish Your Novel or Screenplay
ENR4200 - Carpentry - Minor Home Repair and Projects
ENR4201 - Carpentry Intermediate Level Minor Home Repairs
ENR4306 - Pewter Casting (Makerspace)
ENR4308 - Makerspace-Laser Engraving
ENR4405 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula-Intro to Hula Implements
ENR4407 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei making-Lei Kui/Humu
ENR4408 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making-Lei Hipu'u
ENR4800 - Beginning Soap Making - Cold Process
ENR4810 - Lauhala Weaving: Love Knot Earrings
ENR4981 - Crochet Basics
ENR4982 - Techie Arts & Crafts, Makerspace
ENR4983 - Lauhala Weaving: Bangles
ENR4984 - Crochet Along: Beanie
ENR4985 - Crochet Along: Granny Square
ENR6005 - Hawaiian Lei Making
ENR6067 - Zen and the Art of Real Motorcycle Maintenance - How to Service Your Motorcycle Weekend Workshop
ENR6068 - Beginner's Quiltmaking
ENR6069 - Beginner's Sewing Class
ENR6609 - Beginner's Jewelry Making - Earrings
ENR6618 - Nutrition for Menopause: Special Needs for Special Women
ENR6619 - Arthritis, A Natural Approach
ENR6620 - Facial Yoga - The Natural Facelift
ENR6907 - Personal Best Camp: Skills 'n' Thrills
ENR6908 - It's Hot in Here!
ENR6909 - I am Programmer: Web Designs
ENR6910 - Burst My Bubble!
ENR7017 - Writing Retreat
LANG6643 - Easy English 1 - Online Course
SUS6700 - Intro to Reef-Friendly Landscape Options