6700 - Hawaiian Healing Philosophies
6701 - Ancient Hawaiian Calendar
6702 - Hawaiian Mele & Mo olelo
6726 - Piano Clinic with Anne Ku: "How To" Series II
AGR5000 - Cooking With "Canoe" Plants
AGR5200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
ART1007 - Hawaiian Art Culture (HWST 103)
ART6630 - Learn to Play the Guitar in a Day! with Marlene Hutchinson
BUS3079 - Communication Starts with Me
BUS3092 - Mauna Loa: Reinvigorating an Iconic Hawaiian Brand
CULN3016 - Cooking With the Family Series
CULN3017 - DIY Series: Tailgating Made Simple
CULN3018 - DIY Series: Seed to Table
CULN3019 - DIY Series: Butchery
CULN3020 - DIY Series: Baking & Sourdough Starter
CULN3023 - Mobile Food Styling: Photography & Social Media
CULN3024 - Cooking with the Family Series: Kid Incorporated
CULN3025 - Community Garden
EDU2304 - Modeling Our Wa'a High School Stem Camp Day
ENR1059 - Lauhala Weaving
ENR1301 - Make Lei and Stretch it Out
ENR1302 - Gardening with Native Hawaiian Plants
ENR1304 - Mauliauhonua: Ancient Ways of Observation
ENR1307 - Fake News Stress? How to Not Get Fooled - Media Literacy
ENR1309 - Introduction to Ho'oponopono
ENR3113 - Beginning Ukulele
ENR3114 - Intermediate Ukulele
ENR3165 - Okinawan Super Foods
ENR3167 - DIY Series: Lei Making
ENR3169 - Polynesian Migration - The Hawaiian People
ENR3170 - Native Hawaiian Plants
ENR3171 - Hawaiian History - Settlement to Pre-Contact
ENR3172 - Ahupua‘a – Ancient Hawai‘i Land Use
ENR4111 - Sustainable Fung Shui
ENR4115 - Finish Your Novel or Screenplay
ENR4401 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula: Intro to Auana
ENR4402 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula-Love Songs
ENR4403 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula-Party Hula
ENR4404 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula-'Olapa-Ancient Dance
ENR4405 - Introduction to Hawaiian Hula-Intro to Hula Implements
ENR4407 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei making-Lei Kui/Humu
ENR4408 - Intro to Hawaiian Lei Making-Lei Hipu'u
ENR4600 - The Joy of Wine
ENR4810 - Lauhala Weaving: Love Knot Earrings
ENR4983 - Lauhala Weaving: Bangles
ENR5100 - Advanced Raku
ENR5110 - Exploring Korea Through Its Language
ENR6066 - Film - Pitch Like a Pro
ENR6113 - Hawaiian Culture - Moku of Maui
ENR6114 - Hawaiian Culture - Moku of Maui - Kipahulu, Kaupo, Kahikinui, Honuaula, and Kula
ENR6170 - Beginner's Guide to Getting Published
ENR6607 - Screenwriting Bootcamp - 2 Day Workshop
ENR6611 - Drones - Learn to Fly a Drone!
ENR6612 - Hawaiian Culture - Hawaiian Medicinal Plants - ‘Awa
ENR6613 - Hula for Men
ENR6614 - Hawaiian Medicinal Plants - Mamaki
ENR6628 - Hula for Women
ENR6634 - Hawaiian Warriors and Weapons
ENR6701 - Ancient Hawaiian Calendar
ENR6702 - Kids Fall Hawaiian Culture Camp Oct 9-13 (8-12)
ENR6703 - Hawaiian Language - Conversational Hawaiian
ENR6704 - Conversational Hawaiian Level II
ENR6711 - Behind the Name: A Sense of Place on Maui
ENR6991 - Beginner's Guide to Getting Published - Online Course
ENR7018 - Beginners Guide to K-Drama
ENR7064 - History of Maui - Past, Present, Future
HLTH4910 - Introduction to Feng Shui
HOSP1000 - History & Culture of Hawaii
HOSP8225 - Certificate for Customer Service in Hawai‘i
LANG1021 - Chinese Culture (ASAN 121)
LANG3003 - Hawaiian Language: Basic Grammar & Pronunciation
LANG3004 - Japanese for Business and Hospitality I
LANG3019 - Japanese for Business & Hospitality II
LANG3113 - Japanese for Retail & Tourism
SUS6700 - Intro to Reef-Friendly Landscape Options