AGR5200 - Intro to Edible Landscaping
BUS3079 - Communication Starts with Me
BUS3082 - Create a Vision for Your Life
BUS4907 - Chamber Business Growth: Multi Generations in the Workplace
ENR 7037 - Introduction to Chi Kung
ENR1024 - Positive Psychology for Happiness and Self-Care
ENR1060 - PONO: Work-life Balance and Well Being
ENR1061 - Where's My Energy?!?
ENR1301 - Make Lei and Stretch it Out
ENR1303 - Introduction to Mindful Eating for Optimal Health and Wellbeing
ENR1305 - Learning and Human Memory: The Art and Science of Remembering
ENR1306 - Six Feet of Aloha - Coping with the New Abnormal
ENR1309 - Introduction to Ho'oponopono
ENR3089 - Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention
ENR3116 - MELT Introduction Workshop
ENR3129 - MELT Practice Session
ENR3147 - Tai Chi for Arthritis - Advanced
ENR3161 - Sun Style Tai Chi 73 Form
ENR3166 - MELT Practice Bundle
ENR3180 - Sunset Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention
ENR3181 - Dementia Stages
ENR3183 - Family Care Class - Mobility Training
ENR3184 - Demystifying Behavioral Changes with Dementia
ENR3186 - Dementia Care Series - (Bundle)
ENR3200 - Communication with Compassion
ENR4111 - Sustainable Fung Shui
ENR5002 - Zumba® to the Core
ENR6064 - Tai Chi: Meditation and Martial Arts with Cory Williams
ENR6100 - Connecting Yourself to Creativity
ENR6144 - Introduction to Enneagram
ENR6616 - Cleanse and Rejuvenate with Malik Cotter: Phase Two
ENR6617 - Cleanse and Rejuvenate: 4 Weeks That Will Change Your Life with Malik Cotter!
ENR6628 - Hula for Women
ENR6631 - Natural Product Making
ENR6691 - Preparations for Dying and Death in Hawaii
ENR6692 - The Slow Down Diet with Kundalini Yoga
ENR6693 - The Space Between Hope and Hopeless
ENR7037 - Reducing Tension in Your Neck and Shoulders
ENR7038 - Chi in Your Hands
ENR7039 - Chi-Building with Chi Kung
ENR7040 - Tai Chi and Chi Kung
ENR7041 - The Dr. Bates Method of Vision Training
ENR7042 - Acupressure for Eye Strain
ENR7043 - Brain Gym for Eye Health
ENR7044 - Relaxing Neck Muscle Tension
ENR7045 - Neck, Face, and Scalp Self-Help
ENR7046 - Nourishing Your Skin and Muscles
ENR7047 - Massage and Exercise for Your Face, Neck, and Shoulders
ENR7048 - Introduction to Chi Kung
FIT1101 - Introduction to Personal Fitness and Nutrition
FIT1103 - Canoe Paddling
FIT1104 - Canoe Paddling (SUB)
FIT3001 - Zumba Gold
FIT3002 - MELT Performance Introduction Workshop
FIT3003 - MELT Performance Class Bundle
FIT3166 - Disco Line Dance
FIT4001 - Tennis Drills &Strategies for Adults
FIT4005 - Beginning Golf
FIT4013 - Beginning Yoga (HPER170)
FIT4014 - Pickleball (HPER 133)
FIT4015 - Personal Trainer Cert Prep (HPER270)
FIT4999 - Recreation Thrill Craft AND Tow-In COMBINED
FIT6615 - Golf I: Introduction to Golf
FIT6616 - Golf II: Intermediate Golf
FIT6688 - A Path to Health and Well-Being
FIT6808 - Latin Dance Instruction and Studio
HIC5008 - The Elasticity Factor: Thriving in a Post-COVID Economy
HLTH1009 - Mental Health First Aid
HLTH3902 - The Impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Violence in Hawai`i and Free Mental Health Resources to Cope
HLTH3906 - Basics of Meditation
HLTH3907 - Growing Happy and Healthy Kids
HLTH4005 - Active Parenting NOW
HLTH4910 - Introduction to Feng Shui
HLTH6200 - Transformative Counseling for Criminal Justice Addictions
HLTH6202 - Achieve Your Goals and Aspirations Through Empowered Core Beliefs
HLTH6606 - Natural Beauty - Daily Self-Care and Rituals
HLTH6624 - Herbal Knowing for High Vitality with Dr. Malik Cotter
OCT1301 - Introduction to Fiction Writing