EDU4100 - Ka Hei Professional Develpment Workshop Series
ENR4111 - Sustainable Fung Shui
SUS2030 - Introduction to Lean & Green Strategies
SUS6000 - Electricity for Beginners: Intro to Energy Systems
SUS6001 - Energy Monitoring and Reporting: Online Dashboards
SUS6003 - Commercial Building Maintenance: Auditing Energy, Water & Waste
SUS6011 - Sustainable Strategies for Hotel & Resort Operations
SUS6014 - LEED Green Associate Exam Prep
SUS6015 - LEED Project Experience Operations and Maintenance
SUS6017 - Building Operators Certification 1
SUS6018 - SLIM/INNOVATE HI Green Internship
SUS6029 - Corporate Social Responsibility Goal Setting & Measuring
SUS6037 - Home Energy Efficiency
SUS6038 - Lean & Green Simulation Series
SUS6039 - Lean Simulation Workshop
SUS6040 - Green Manufacturing Workshop
SUS6045 - LEED AP Building Operator & Maintenance
SUS6046 - Lighting Workshop
SUS6048 - Building Operator Certification 2
SUS6049 - Lighting Audits to Lighting Retrofits
SUS6050 - Lean Office Workshop
SUS6055 - Upcycled Bottle Brick Building Workshop
SUS6056 - Cobb Earth Oven Workshop
SUS6059 - Lighting & Controls Retrofit: Now & the Future
SUS6080 - How to Save Money on Your Utilities: Reducing Water and Electricity Usage in Homes and Small Businesses
SUS6101 - Sustainability Leadership for Organizations
SUS6106 - Investing in Sustainable Communities
SUS6130 - Green Events Workshop
SUS6361 - Home Energy Monitoring Techniques
SUS6500 - Introduction to GIS for Natural Resource and Agricultural Management
SUS6501 - GIS Analysis in Natural Resource and Agriculture Management
SUS6600 - Basics of Remote Sensing in Natural Resource and Agriculture Management
SUS6650 - State of the Art in Water Heating Systems
SUS6705 - Introduction to Water Quality
SUS8141 - Solor Photovoltaic Maintenance Training
SUS8150 - Solar Thermal Installer Training
SUS8150 - Remote Inspections
SUS8160 - UL9540 and UL9540A
SUS8170 - NFPA Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Safety Training
SUS8180 - Rapid Shutdown
SUS8190 - Energy Storage System (ESS) and the NEC
SUS8200 - NFPA - Alternative Fuel for Vehicles Safety Training - Day 1
SUS8210 - Introduction to Micro-Hydro Systems
SUS8210 - NFPA - Alternative Fuel for Vehicles Safety Training - Day 2
SUS8220 - Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment
SUS8230 - Arc Fault Protections for Dwelling Units
SUS8240 - Photovoltaics (PV) and the NEC