Course Description

This course provides opportunity for string instrumentalists in a performance group. Repertoire ranges from Renaissance to Baroque to Contemporary popular music. Prereq: Minimum of one year’s study on instrument and ability to read music.

These are unprecedented times and given the current climate we cannot hold rehearsals in the same way that we did before. I really wish that this were the case, but it is not. But making sure that we have some type of music until we can all meet together in large groups is important. So let us use this time to work on our own individual playing so that when we can finally meet up we can have more enriching musical experiences.

Course Outline

Orchestra and Band


Types of Activities for the Semester

We will concentrate on individual technical proficiency and chamber music.

  • Online video lessons will be provided in classical music theory and history. We will explore minority composers and the influence of classical music.

  • Students will be provided an online library of solo works and chamber music. We will work in small groups to develop concerts and pick repertoire.

  • Ensemble work will be done in small jazz combos that will meet with all of the social distancing requirements.

  • At least two private or group lessons via video conferencing will be offered per student, as requested, during the semester.

  • Performances will be videotaped and shared via live stream.

  • We will have sectionals to work on large ensemble music to prepare difficult pieces for future performances and possibly videos.



Masks will be required at all times and instrument covering for wind instruments.

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