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The second course in the series starts with Communication and Network Security from CBK Domain 4. Topics include but are not limited to secure network architecture design (e.g. IP and non-IP protocols, segmentation), secure network components, secure communication channels, and network attacks.

CISSP Identity and Access Management from CBK Domain 5, Security Assessment and Testing from CBK Domain 6, and Software Development Security from CBK Domain 8 are the primary areas for this session. Topics from Domain 5 include physical and logical assets control, identification and authentication of people and devices, identity as a service, third-party identity services, access control attacks, and identity and access provisioning lifecycle. Topics from Domain 6 include assessment and test strategies, security process data, security control testing, test outputs, and security architectures vulnerabilities. Domain 6 topics include security in the software development lifecycle, development environment security controls, software security effectiveness, and acquired software security impact.

As with the other courses, we leave time for your questions and provide hands-on opportunities for exploring topics. You’ll see the value of collaborating with your fellow participants.

CISSP Security Operations from CBK Domain 7 is the last domain to be covered. Topics include investigations support and requirements, logging and monitoring activities, provisioning of resources, foundational security operations concepts, resource protection techniques, incident management, preventative measures, patch, and vulnerability management, change management processes, recovery strategies, disaster recovery processes and plans, business continuity planning and exercises, physical security, and personnel safety concerns.

You’ll see that our instructor approaches topics in the context of real-world activities. As with the other courses, we leave time for your questions and provide hands-on opportunities for exploring topics.

At this point and probably sooner, you’re appreciating what people say about the CISSP: It’s a mile wide and an inch deep.

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