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How great would it be to write your own computer program? Or design a web or desktop application that millions of people could enjoy? Both are a possibility if you learn how to code in Python. Python is a very versatile, object-oriented programming language used by startups and tech giants, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and IBM. Python is also recommended for aspiring developers who are interested in pursuing careers in Security, Networking and Internet-of-Things. Cisco calls this the language of IoT.

This course covers the basics of Python language and introduces participants to Object-Oriented Programming. Course content and delivery will be online on Canvas via the Cisco Networking Academy.

Upon the completion of this course with additional self-study, participants will be prepared to take two certification exams.

These certifications come from the Python Institute. PCEP certification is an interim step to the PCAP certification.

Required preparation: No prior knowledge of programming is needed, though you must be an experienced computer user. Must have access to a computer with Internet to access course materials and labs.


Ability to use a personal computer and understanding of basic mathematics. A bit of programming is helpful but not required or expected. 

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Sep 16, 2020 to Nov 18, 2020
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Hon CC non-credit $395.00
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This course is offered through Honolulu Community College.

Special COVID discount. Regular $995.00

Live Zoom sessions to be arranged.

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