Course Description

Standardized Awareness Training Program, Introduction to Terrorism. A FEMA Certified Course

The Standardized Awareness Training Program (SAT) is a one-day course that. The course covers the knowledge of essential course material on chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) hazards and materials, prevention and deterrence methods, and the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) to make decisions at the awareness level.

Course Outline

Target Audience

Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative, Hazardous Materials, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Safety Professionals, Public Health, Public Safety Communications, Public Health, and Federal, State, Local and Tribal agencies.

Learner Outcomes

Below are some, but not all, of the critical skill sets learned during this training program:

  • Identify terms and concepts that are applicable to the prevention and deterrence of terrorist and CBRNE incidents.

  • Identify hazardous materials, hazard classes, and response information using the Emergency Response Guidebook, NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical to Hazards and Safety Date Sheets.

  • Discuss selected chemical and biological agents, including the physiological signs and symptoms of exposure, potential sources, indicators of an attack, and physical characteristics.

  • Understand the concepts that are necessary to respond to Emerging Infectious Diseases.

  • Discuss radiation and radiological materials.

  • Discuss explosives, including the characteristics and the effects of a detonated explosive device.


Dr. Dennis A. Terpin, Ph.D., Retired Senior Industrial Hygienist/Emergency Manager, Hospital Safety Officer, Ebola Team Leader,  University of Illinois Chicago. Dennis is a Voting member of the ASTM F23.65 International Respiratory Protection Committee. His certifications include: Occupational Health and Safety Technologist, Certified Safety Manager, Certified FEMA/DHS Master Level Instructor (CDP), CDP - Instructional Excellence 5.0 Perfect Instructor Award (4 times), Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Certified Fire Officer 1,  State of Illinois Haz-Mat and NIMS ICS Instructor all levels, Certified Fire Instructor, 1 and 2, UIC Emergency Medical Technician Instructor, Incident Commander, Hazardous Materials Technician-Specialist Instructor, Rescue Specialist, Instructor FEMA/DHS Emergency Management Institute, Certified NIMS 100 to 400 Levels Instructor, FEMA/DHS NIMS ICS All Hazards Safety Officer/Instructor - E954, FEMA/DHS NIMS ICS All Hazards Incident Commander/Instructor - E950, FEMA/DHS NIMS ICS All Hazards Operations Section Chief/Instructor – E958, FEMA/DHS NIMS ICS All Hazards Liaison Officer /Instructor – 956, FEMA/DHA Certified Community Emergency Response Team, Train-the Trainer and Program Manager.
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8:00AM to 4:00PM
Apr 20, 2023
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