Course Description

Intimidated by technology or other folksʼ ease with computers? Weʼll get you feeling comfortable and secure covering the important basics: safely browsing (searching) the internet; sending/receiving email; and creating/saving/printing simple documents. Discover that you already know more than you think! Join us and compute with confidence!

Learner Outcomes

Learner Outcomes
At the end of the course, each student will be able to

  • Perform the general sequence to reliably and safely start up or shut down the computer
  • Perform basic operations using either keyboard or mouse
  • Open, close, re-size, and rearrange windows and icons on the desktop
  • Create, copy, or move items among folders
  • Remove or delete items
  • Get help
  • Describe basic functions of a browser
  • Name widely used browsers
  • Describe the purpose of a URL
  • Create and use bookmarks / favorites for navigation to frequently used sites
  • Change the home page default location
  • Describe the purpose of a cookie
  • Contrast the terms “download” and “ upload”
  • Describe techniques to detect and minimize malware
  • Demonstrate how to search the web
  • Name widely used search engines
  • Identify potentially false or malicious web sites
  • Demonstrate how to print web content
  • Demonstrate basic email operations
  • Differentiate cloud-based vs. computer-based email
  • Open and save received emails and attachments
  • Identify potentially misleading or harmful email content
  • Describe the concept of message filtering or rules
  • Create simple email message containing links and attachments
  • Contrast the concepts of Rich Text vs. Plain Text format
  • Contrast among the concepts “reply,” “reply all,” and “forward”
  • Describe the concept of an Address Book and groups / distribution lists
  • Demonstrate how to select, copy, cut, and paste portions of email content
  • Demonstrate basic word processing operations
  • Demonstrate how to create, save, modify, and delete a simple document
  • Identify and contrast common word processing applications
  • Demonstrate how to select, copy, cut, and paste portions of text
  • Demonstrate how to perform basic text formatting
  • Demonstrate how to insert other objects into a document
  • Demonstrate how to spell-check a document
  • Identify additional KKC OCET training resources
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