Course Description

Learn holistic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to monitor and control pests and diseases. Learn to identify common pests and diseases found on vegetables and ornamentals, how to diagnose your plant’s symptoms and problems, and the cultural, mechanical, biological and safe chemical controls to avoid and resolve pest and disease issues.

Learner Outcomes

·       Learn the principles of Integrated Pest Management – how to monitor crops, identify thresholds and use cultural, biological, mechanical, and chemical controls

·       Identify Plant Insects and other pests- the life cycle and feeding cycle, the damage symptoms, the difference between beneficial and harmful insects, the most common pests in Hawaii

·        Identify Plant Diseases- the disease cycle, the difference between biotic and abiotic diseases, most common diseases in Hawaii

·       Learn Diagnosing of Plant Problems- signs and symptoms of healthy and unhealthy plants, diagnosing the problem and determining treatment
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