Course Description

If you want to develop your own app, this is the course for you. 
We will cover the basic design structure and development of an app using Android Studio Integrated 
Development Environment (IDE). We start with a basic understanding of Android Studio and move on to 
critical resources such as the Java Development Kit and Intel HAXM.  
You will learn about activities, services and the structures of an Android app. The folder structures and the 
importance of layouts when designing your app will be covered. You will explore various events such as 
motions, keys, accelerometers, etc.  
Topics covered in this course include: 

  • Android Studio Setup  
  • Emulators and Devices  
  • Views, Layouts, Widgets  
  • Activity Lifecycles  
  • Alert Dialogs  
  • Debugging  
  • Localization  
  • Multiple Activities  
  • Implicit and Explicit Intents  
  • Resources  
  • Images  
  • Themes and Styles  
  • Fragments  
  • List Views 
  • Audio and Video  
  • Action Bar 

You will enjoy the hands-on approach to teaching and your ability to explore a bit in this course.

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