Course Description

This course is designed to equip the student with aseptic infection control, patient screening and general and specialty physical exams. Core vital signs procedures will be taught-obtaining temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure including oximetry.

Learner Outcomes

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs):
A. Demonstrate proper aseptic techniques.
B. Demonstrate the ability to take accurate vital signs.
C. Demonstrate the ability to position and drape the patient for specific examinations.
D. Explain various procedures to the patient in a clear and logical manner.
F. Demonstration use of an audiometer
G. Measure visual acuity.
H. Obtain accurate medical history information from the patient.
I. Assist healthcare provider with general physical examinations.
J. Assist healthcare provider with specialty examination including cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, gerontology, pediatric, gynecology and obstetrics, and minor surgery.
K. Instruct self-examinations, disease management and health promotions.

Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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