Course Description

This course emphasis will focus on sterile techniques, minor surgical procedure preparations, basic theory for physical therapy and radiology, including clinical OSHA training. In addition, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and community resources will be discussed along with  adaptations for patients with special needs. An introduction to nutrition and diet therapy will also be included.

Learner Outcomes

Student Learning Objectives (SLOs):
A. Demonstrate knowledge of the Basic Four Food Groups.
B. Describe the function of important nutrients required for good health.
C. Describe the importance of fluid and electrolyte balance.
D. Demonstrate sterile technique for setting up minor surgical fields.
E. Demonstrate the correct technique for donning on sterile gloves.
F. Demonstrate the application of donning on sterile gowns.
G. Demonstrate knowledge of physical therapy techniques.
H. Demonstrate knowledge of OSHA guidelines.
I. Practice standard precautions.
J. Perform disinfection and sterilization techniques.
J. Identify community resources and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
K. Identify and create adaptations with patients with special needs.

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