Course Description

Did you know that there are more than 3 million new cases of Type 2 Diabetes a year? x. With over 100 million people affected by Type 2 Diabetes, 86 million Americans have been diagnosed as Pre-Diabetes candidates. You deserve to live a longer and healthier life and it's not too late! Increase your knowledge, develop easy exercise routines and track enjoyable eating habits from this incredible class. Be coached through the journey of diabetes management and prediabetes by a Master's prepared RN, health and lifestyle coach.

Course Outline

Class 1:

a) Class Introduction

b) Self-Assessment Checklist

c) Overview of Type 2 Diabetes: How it works in the body, Medications, Physical Activity and Food Consumption Relationship, Stress Management

d) Self-Oriented Goals


Class 2:

Digging Deeper:

a) Diabetes and how it works in the body

b) Journaling a Personalized assessment on how diabetes has affected self.

c) Glucose logging

d) Action Plan & Personal SMART Goals


Class 3:

a) Stress Management

b) Journal ways to manage stress

c) Describe cortisol levels


Class 4:

a) Understanding Your Diabetes Medications

b) Journaling a Personalized assessment on personal medications related to type 2 diabetes.

c) Action Plan & Personal SMART Goals


Class 5:

Intentional Physical Activity

Continue Action Plan & Personal SMART Goals


Class 6:

Healthy Dietary Choices (Part 1)

Continue Action Plan & Personal SMART Goals


Class 7:

Healthy Dietary Choices (Part 2)

Same as class 6 DLOs


Class 8:

Putting and Keeping it All Together



Learner Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Discuss interpersonal communication

Identify goals for personal diabetes management

Discuss overview of type 2 diabetes

Identify misconceptions of type 2 diabetes management

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes


Discuss Diabetes in Everyday Life

Discuss the effects of diabetes on the human organs

Discuss and formulate SMART Goals

Identify action plans for success in diabetes management

Demonstrate glucose logging/journaling


Discuss various types of stress

Identify stressors

Identify negative and positive coping mechanisms

Discuss cortisol levels in the body


Discuss the effects of different types of diabetes medications

Discuss the mechanism of action from the medications on the body system

Discuss the side effects


Discuss importance of intentional physical activity of 150min a week above baseline

Describe types of physical activity

Demonstrate use of physical activity applications


Discuss the Healthy Plate

Discuss nutrients: fats, carbohydrate, protein intake

Discuss calorie count

Demonstrate use of calorie count applications


Identify success and challenges

Identify and discuss ways to overcome obstacles

Demonstrate through role play ways to encourage healthy lifestyle choices


Solange Patrick RN, MSN is a Registered Nurse (RN) and Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach. She previously taught at the University of Hawaii Maui College, and Maui Health Systems at Maui Memorial Medical Center, and currently leads the Maui YMCA's Prediabetes Lifestyle Modification coaching classes.
Solange has significant experience helping others diagnosed with Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. She believes that education, persistence and self-transformation is key in developing wellness and health for daily living.
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