Course Description

Learn design and prepare the layout of a food forest including ground preparation, composting, and nutrient flows created to maximize space, water, nutrients, food, animal habitat, materials for building, soil restoration and abundance with Permaculture Designer Rosa Maicas. 
FOOD FOREST - Module 1: Agro forestry principles & applications (riperian buffer reparation, food forest, ally cropping, silvopasture, wind brakes, forest farming ). Tree interactions with their environment. Nutrient flows & exchanges. Synergies with other species & mycelium. How trees talk. Set up soil, compost areas, ground covers & water irrigation for our trees.
FOOD FOREST - Module 2: Species of canopy trees, fruit trees, trellis plants, shrubs, bulbs, ground covers, flowers, pollinator plants that work together simulating a food forest in our climate. Implementation in the garden.
The class will actively participate in the layout of a food forest in the UHMC Campus Garden for hands-on training and applied practice.
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