Course Description

How many times has someone misread your tone, your mood, or your approach?  Was there a small change that you could have made that would have prevented all the confusion?  Too often, that insight comes a little too late.  This course is designed to help students grasp that insight before misunderstandings occur, not after.  The DiSC model helps people understand some of the most important aspects of human perception and interaction.  Students learn the characteristics of each DiSC style and understand their own unique preferences.  Most importantly, they recognize how behavior is likely to be misread and learn how to adjust their communication to meet the needs and styles of those around them.  

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should:

  • Understand themselves and others through the DiSC model
  • Appreciate the communication preferences of different people
  • Recognize when their behaviors are inappropriate or likely to be misunderstood
  • Build strategies to adapt their behaviors for more effective communication


You will be given an assessment to complete prior to the first class meeting
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