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Join Chef Steve Maeshiro for these hands-on classes in our Japanese Cooking Series.

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9:00AM to 2:00PM
Nov 05, 2021
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In-person (Oahu)  
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Tuition non-credit $95.00
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Japanese Cooking Series: Wafu Shoyu Butter Pasta, Quick Sushi & Agedashi Tofu

Chef Steve will guide you through the steps to making a complete Japanese meal that include his fan favorites: Japanese potato salad and agedashi tofu. Your entree will be a wafu (Japanese-style) shoyu butter pasta with ground beef. Side dishes include quick sushi, namasu (pickled cucumber) and refreshing hiyakko (chilled tofu). You will complete your special meal with a delicious ichigo (strawberry) over ice cream. Lunch will be provided.

As a safety precaution participants must wear a face mask, covered shoes and long pants. Apron, kitchen towel and other personal items can also be brought to class.

Please download and set-up the UH LumiSight app on your computer or mobile device before the day of the course. This app is used to verify your COVID vaccination or proof of negative test. For assistance using the app you can access the LumiSight Quick Start Guide.

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You Must Check-In before entering campus.
On the morning of your class please perform the Daily health check-in using the app.

You must wear a face mask in the classroom.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide this course in a way that is safe and beneficial to students.

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