Course Description

HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery are a trio that gives you the power to create amazing, dynamic websites. This hands-on course targeted for Web developers provides an in-depth introduction to the use of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery to create modern websites. Topics covered will include new structural elements and forms in HTML5, audio and video elements, the use of APIs for "offline" applications, and creation of dynamic graphics using Canvas. New selectors and properties of CSS3 will be covered, which allows for creation of drop shadows, text shadows, rounded corners, and gradient backgrounds without the use of an image editor. You also learn simple animation without the use of JavaScript or Flash. jQuery simplifies client-side scripting via a series of open-source libraries that provide frameworks for enhanced functionality. The course covers the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, Ajax requests, and use of the UI library to include animation effects, and popular widgets such as datepickers and autocomplete. Each class is a combination of lectures and labs. The hands-on labs are designed to demonstrate key concepts.

Learner Outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Create dynamic websites
  • Discuss new website structural elements
  • Identify audio and video elements of websites
  • Utilize APIs for offline applications
  • Create dynamic graphics using Canvas
  • Create drop shadows, text shadows, rounded corners and gradient backgrounds
  • Produce simple animations
  • Discuss the jQuery library, DOM manipulation, Ajax requests and use of the UI library
  • Utilize popular widgets such as datepickers and autocomplete


Knowledge and experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Course Competencies
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