BUS1036 - Professional Development Workshops
BUS1505 - Principles of Business (BUS 120)
BUS2000 - Fundamentals of Business Analysis
BUS2001 - Professional Writing Brush-up Level 1
BUS2003 - Business Analysis: Planning and Project Management
BUS2004 - Business Analysis: Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
BUS3000 - Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor Prep
BUS3001 - Entrepreneur
BUS3002 - Review of English Grammar
BUS3003 - Advanced Grammar Review
BUS3004 - Advanced Business Writing
BUS3005 - Business Writing - Memos and E-Mail Messages
BUS3007 - Time Management
BUS3008 - Entrepreneurship
BUS3017 - The Role of the Supervisor
BUS3021 - Basic Project Management
BUS3022 - Review of Business Grammar
BUS3024 - Japanese Business Protocol-Managers
BUS3025 - Introduction to Supervision
BUS3026 - Fundamentals of Management
BUS3027 - Career Planning
BUS3028 - Business and Report Writing
BUS3029 - Business and Report Writing
BUS3030 - Advanced Business Grammar and Writing
BUS3031 - Understanding Perception and Influence
BUS3032 - Grammar - A Work in Progress
BUS3033 - Refining Your Grammar Skills
BUS3034 - Clear and Effective Business Writing
BUS3035 - Business Writing: Mastering the Message
BUS3036 - Employee Engagement
BUS3037 - Workplace Professionalism
BUS3038 - Valuing Human Differences
BUS3039 - Performance Management & Setting SMART Objectives
BUS3040 - Human Resources Overview for Managers and Supervisors
BUS3041 - Advanced Business Grammar and Writing Level 1
BUS3042 - Project Management Training
BUS3043 - Business Writing
BUS3044 - Review of Business Grammar
BUS3046 - Interpersonal Communications
BUS3047 - Intro to Numeric Keypad
BUS3048 - Intro to Bookkeeping
BUS3049 - Intermediate Bookkeeping
BUS3050 - Review of Business Math
BUS3051 - Intermediate Business Math
BUS3052 - Culture Awareness- Introduction to the Chinese Visitor
BUS3053 - Culture Awareness - Introduction to the Korean Visitor
BUS3054 - Culture Awareness - Introduction to the Japanese Visitor
BUS3055 - Goal Setting and Career Management
BUS3056 - Building Your Resume Package
BUS3057 - Preparing for Interviews
BUS3059 - Basic Communication in a Global Workplace
BUS3060 - Professionalism in the Workplace
BUS3062 - Get the Job You Want
BUS3063 - Excel at Your Career
BUS3064 - Cultural Based Leadership
BUS3065 - Cultural Awareness Series
BUS3067 - Introduction to Business Continuity
BUS3068 - Effective Business Writing
BUS3069 - Planning for Business Resiliency
BUS3070 - Relativity Certification Exam Prep
BUS3082 - Create a Vision for Your Life
BUS3100 - Fundamentals of Management
BUS3101 - Introduction to Supervision
BUS3102 - Persuasive Messages
BUS3103 - Effective Business Writing
BUS3104 - Communication and Cultural Dimensions
BUS3105 - Memos, Letters and Email
BUS3106 - Audience-Focused Writing
BUS3110 - Business Writing Series
BUS3111 - Effective Business Writing and Memos, Letters, and Emails
BUS3202 - Back to Basics: Communication and Perception
BUS3203 - Verbal Communication: The Language and Words We Use
BUS3206 - Email and Phone Etiquette
BUS3207 - Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication: Communicating with Generational and Regional Differences
BUS3208 - Working in Groups
BUS3209 - Communicating in Diverse Groups
BUS3210 - Leadership and Followers-Qualities and Skills
BUS3211 - Collaborative Solutions
BUS3212 - Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
BUS4016 - Employee Accountability
BUS4017 - Getting Stuff Done: Personal Development Bootcamp
BUS4035 - Landlords, Tenants, and the Law
BUS4100 - Workplace and Societal Violence: Insight into the Active Shooter
BUS4101 - Interviewing Behavioral Analysis - Intro Course
BUS4620 - Showing Customers We Care-The Essential Component of Excellent Customer Service
BUS4909 - Feng Shui for the Office
BUS4910 - Feng Shui For Money & Wealth
BUS4913 - Skills you Need for Workplace Success (Online)
BUS4914 - Getting Your Job Search Started (Online)
BUS4915 - Goal Setting (Online)
BUS4916 - Mastering the Interview (Online)
BUS4931 - Survival Skills for the New Trainer (Online)
BUS4934 - Measuring Training Results (Online)
BUS4935 - Code of Conduct: Setting the Tone for your Workplace (Online)
BUS4936 - Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace (Online)
BUS4938 - Communication Strategies (Online)
BUS4940 - Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance (Online)
BUS4941 - Emotional Intelligence (Online)
BUS4947 - Problem Solving and Decision Making (Online)
BUS4948 - Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program (Online)
BUS5001 - A Proven Approach to Motivation
BUS5300 - Life and Biz by Design
BUS5305 - Vision Board Workshop
BUS5400 - Customer Service – Service Excellence
BUS5420 - Korean Language and Culture for Hospitality - Level I
BUS5430 - Introduction to Mandarin Chinese
BUS5435 - Heat Stress
BUS5436 - Sexual Harrassment
BUS5437 - Racial Awareness
BUS5438 - Cultural Diversity
BUS5500 - Moving Up to Supervisor
BUS5501 - The ABC's of Supervision
BUS5502 - HR and Employment Law for New Supervisors
BUS5503 - Communicating Effectively
BUS5504 - Working Smarter: Using Technology to Your Advantage
BUS5505 - Business Writing That Works
BUS5506 - Teamwork: Building Better Teams
BUS5507 - Critical Thinking in Today's Workplace
BUS5508 - Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
BUS5509 - Accounting Skills for New Supervisors
BUS5510 - Public Speaking Presentation Boot Camp
BUS5511 - Delegation: The Art of Delegating Effectively
BUS5512 - Customer Service: Building a Solid Reputation
BUS5600 - Management to Leadership Training Series
BUS5601 - Business Leadership: Becoming Management Material
BUS5602 - Change Management: How to Deal With It
BUS5603 - Boosting Motivation and Performance in the Workplace
BUS5604 - Advanced Business Writing
BUS5605 - Problem Solving in the Workplace
BUS5606 - Coaching: A Leadership Skill
BUS5607 - Hiring for Success: Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
BUS5608 - Human Resources Training: HR for the Non-HR Manager
BUS5609 - Creative Marketing Without a Budget
BUS5610 - Negotiating for Results
BUS5611 - Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams
BUS5612 - Project Management
BUS5655 - Project Management Basics
BUS5660 - Leading Effective Meetings
BUS5661 - A Process to Think Critically and Make Decisions
BUS5665 - How to Facilitate and Manage Organizational Change
BUS5670 - Business Sustainability
BUS5675 - Communication for Professionals
BUS5680 - Leadership Development
BUS5685 - Talent Management
BUS5690 - Diversity Awareness for Organizational Effectiveness
BUS5696 - Organizational Behavior
BUS5700 - Train the Trainer Training Series
BUS5701 - Survival Skills for the New Trainer
BUS5702 - The Practical Trainer
BUS5703 - Facilitation Skills
BUS5704 - Using Activities to Make Training Fun
BUS5800 - Becoming a Sales and Marketing Professional
BUS5801 - Introduction to Customer Relationship Management
BUS5802 - Building Relations for Success in Sales
BUS5803 - Dynamite Sales Presentations
BUS5804 - Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
BUS5805 - Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
BUS5806 - Selling Smarter
BUS5807 - Branding: Creating and Managing Your Corporate Brand
BUS5808 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS5850 - Occupational Safety Training
BUS5900 - Leeward CC Job Fair Vendor Registration
BUS6005 - Next Level Leadership: Difficult Conversations and Transitioning to a Higher Level of Management with Ease
BUS6009 - Next Level Leadership: Planning Innovation Management for Success
BUS6010 - Anger Management
BUS6013 - Social Media Images Made Easy with Canva
BUS6250 - Digital Leadership, Digital Wisdom
BUS6401 - Microsoft Outlook 2010 Basics
BUS6650 - Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers
BUS6669 - Enhance, Energize, Enliven Communication & Presentation Skills
BUS6676 - The Soft Skills Initiative -- A Special Opportunity for Businesses & Business Owners
BUS6822 - Maui Food Business Start Up - Part I: Concept to Test Market
BUS6823 - Value-added Product Training
BUS6883 - Resume Writing & Job Interviewing Workshop
BUS7010 - Introduction to Social Media
BUS7011 - Beginning Facebook
BUS7012 - Twitter for Beginners
BUS7013 - Intermediate Facebook
BUS7019 - Accounting Skills for New Supervisors
BUS7020 - Business Writing that Works
BUS7021 - Communication Strategies
BUS7022 - Critical Thinking
BUS7023 - Human Resources Training: HR for the Non HR Manager
BUS7024 - Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School
BUS7025 - Problem Solving and Decision Making
BUS7026 - The ABC's of Supervising Others
BUS7027 - Coaching and Mentoring
BUS7028 - Building Better Teams
BUS7036 - 6 Compass Points of Management
BUS7037 - Safety in the Workplace
BUS7038 - Workplace Harassment: What It Is and What To Do About It
BUS7039 - Change Management: Change and How to Deal With It
BUS7041 - Working as a Team in Exceeding Customer Expectations
BUS7045 - Universal Banker-Online Coached
BUS7049 - Certified Bookkeeping (online)
BUS7050 - Workplace Essential Series - Workplace Ready Certificate Program (online)
BUS7051 - Introduction to Marketing with Social Media
BUS8000 - Department of Taxation - Tax Workshop
BUS8000 - Department of Taxation - Tax Workshop
BUS8000 - Department of Taxation - Tax Workshop
BUS8001 - Department of Taxation - Workshop Materials ONLY
BUS8002 - Career Success in Hawaii's Service Industry
BUS8019 - Accounting Skills for New Supervisors 
BUS8020 - Business Writing that Works
BUS8021 - Communication Strategies- Creating Connection
BUS8022 - Critical Thinking
BUS8023 - Human Resources Training: HR for the Non HR Manager
BUS8024 - Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School
BUS8025 - Problem Solving and Decision Making
BUS8026 - The ABC’s of Supervising Others
BUS8027 - Connecting to What Matters- Communication Skills for Parents
BUS8028 - Building Better Teams
BUS8037 - Safety in the Workplace
BUS8039 - Change Management: Change and How to Deal With It
BUS8306 - Makena Resort Resume Writing & Job Interviewing Workshop
COM3201 - Project+ Certification Exam Prep
COM6002 - Keyboard Typing Introduction
CULN6005 - MFIC: Create, X-celerate & Elevate a Family Recipe to a Commercial Success
DEMO5000 - DEMO Course
EDU7005 - Success in the Workplace
EDU7006 - Power of Diversity: Rethinking Talent, Technology and the Workplace Thrive in a Diverse Workforce
ENR7066 - Jungle to Jungle
HLTH4911 - Feng Shui Suite
HOSP3005 - Sustainable Hospitality Facility Design and Operations (HOST 330)
HOSP3016 - Lodging Industry Analytics and Revenue Management (HOST 340)
HOSP3017 - Food and Beverage Operations (HOST 154)
HOSP8204 - Ho'okipa Me Ke Aloha
HOSP8211 - Certification Exam: Certification for Hawai'i's Professional Tour Guides
OCT1000 - Bookkeeping Certificate
OCT1001 - Understanding Debits and Credits
OCT1002 - General Ledger and Month End Procedures
OCT1003 - Closing Procedures and Financial Statements
OCT1004 - Certificate in Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
OCT1005 - Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
OCT1006 - Cash is King
OCT1007 - Financial Analysis and Planning for Non-Financial Managers
OCT1008 - Entrepreneurship Certificate
OCT1009 - Entrepreneur Boot Camp
OCT1010 - The Business Plan
OCT1011 - Entrepreneurial Marketing
OCT1014 - New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity & Time Management
OCT1015 - Productivity eTools
OCT1016 - Managing Productivity
OCT1017 - The Basics of Bookkeeping
OCT1018 - Certificate in Business Writing
OCT1019 - Business Writing
OCT1020 - Effective Copywriting
OCT1021 - Writing News and Press Releases
OCT1022 - Certificate in Customer Service
OCT1023 - Keys to Customer Service
OCT1024 - Extraordinary Customer Service
OCT1025 - Certificate in Workplace Communication
OCT1026 - Conflict Management
OCT1027 - Negotiation: Get What You Want
OCT1028 - Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance
OCT1034 - Certificate in Leadership Development
OCT1035 - Leadership Principles
OCT1036 - Developing Your Leadership Skills
OCT1037 - Developing Your Professional Career
OCT1039 - Certificate in Non-Profit Administration
OCT1040 - Revenue Generation for Non-Profits
OCT1041 - Program Evaluation for Nonprofit Professionals
OCT1042 - Certificate in Project Management
OCT1043 - Introduction to Project Management
OCT1044 - Project Management Processes
OCT1045 - Project Management Knowledge Areas
OCT1047 - Management Certificate
OCT1048 - Management Boot Camp
OCT1049 - Collaborative Management
OCT1050 - Managing Generations in the Workplace
OCT1052 - Change Management Skills
OCT1053 - Change in the Workplace
OCT1054 - Creating Community & Social Change
OCT1055 - Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
OCT1056 - Introduction to Six Sigma Green Belt
OCT1057 - Intermediate Six Sigma Green Belt
OCT1058 - Advanced Six Sigma Green Belt
OCT1059 - Supervisory & Leadership Certificate
OCT1061 - Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace
OCT1062 - Stress Management in the Workplace
OCT1063 - Contact Tracing
OCT1100 - Digital Marketing Certificate
OCT1101 - Improving Email Promotions
OCT1102 - Boosting Your Website Traffic
OCT1103 - Online Advertising
OCT1104 - Mastering Video Marketing Certificate
OCT1105 - Video Marketing
OCT1106 - YouTube for Business
OCT1107 - Podcasting
OCT1110 - Social Media for Business Certificate
OCT1111 - Introduction to Social Media
OCT1112 - Marketing Using Social Media
OCT1113 - Integrating Social Media In Your Organization
OCT1115 - Strategic Selling with Social Media
OCT1116 - Getting Started in Sales
OCT1117 - Power Selling
OCT6003 - EdtoGo: Accounting Fundamentals
OCT6007 - EdtoGo: Introduction to QuickBooks 2019
OCT6014 - EdtoGo: A to Z Grant Writing
OCT6016 - EdtoGo: Supervisor Suite
OCT6033 - EdtoGo: Introduction to Business Law (Transactions)
OCT6037 - EdtoGo: Stocks, Bonds & Investing: Oh My!
OCT6055 - EdtoGo: Certified Legal Secretary GES2106
OCT6063 - EdtoGo: Human Resources Management Suite
OCT6401 - EdtoGo: Real Estate Suite (B8580)
Business Office Skills
Business Writing and Communication
Customer Service
Entrepreneurship/Small Business
Management and Leadership
Sales and Marketing
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