BUS1016 - Achieving Excellent Customer Service
BUS1025 - Job Readiness
BUS1029 - Living and Working with Aloha
BUS1040 - Essential Customer Service & Sales Excellence
BUS1224 - Financial Empowerment Center Counselor
BUS3071 - Career Success in the Hawaii Service Industry (Extended)
BUS3075 - Thrive in Life and Work
BUS3078 - Communication Skills for Success (formerly known as Global Communication Series)
BUS3079 - Communication Starts with Me
BUS3081 - Communicating with Your Customers
BUS3084 - Basic Training for the Sales Associate
BUS3205 - Hello, Can Anyone Hear Me?
BUS4012 - Basic Office Skills
BUS4400 - Dealing with Difficult People
BUS4610 - Creating a Respectful Workplace
BUS4900 - Chamber Business Growth-Introduction to Customer Service
BUS4901 - Chamber Business Growth-Communication: Making Customers Feel Welcome
BUS4907 - Chamber Business Growth: Multi Generations in the Workplace
BUS4911 - Active Listening (Online)
BUS4912 - Becoming a Better Learner (Online)
BUS4932 - Making Training Stick (Online)
BUS4937 - Skills for the Administrative Assistant (Online)
BUS4939 - Public Speaking Survival School (Online)
BUS4943 - Business Writing that Works (Online)
BUS4944 - Public Speaking: Speaking Under Pressure (Online)
BUS4945 - Successfully Managing Change (Online)
BUS4951 - Managing Difficult Conversations (Online)
BUS4952 - Becoming Management Material (Online)
BUS4954 - Building Better Teams (Online)
BUS4955 - Women and Leadership: Owning your Strengths and Skills (Online)
BUS4956 - Leadership Skills for Supervisors (Online)
BUS5100 - Retail Operations Program
BUS5411 - Japanese Business for the Hotel Industry
BUS5450 - Customer Service
BUS6360 - Retail the RITE Way 1: The Professional Sales Associate
BUS6361 - Retail the RITE Way 2: Effective Selling
BUS6362 - Retail the RITE Way 3: Customer Service with Aloha
BUS6363 - Retail the RITE Way 4: Understanding Retail
BUS6385 - Managing Emotions and Stress in Customer Service
BUS6389 - Customer Service for Success
BUS6444 - ServSafe Alcohol Training Certification
ENR1306 - Six Feet of Aloha - Coping with the New Abnormal
HOSP1000 - History & Culture of Hawaii
HOSP3002 - Housekeeping Operations (HOST 150)
HOSP3018 - Front Office Operations
HOSP3103 - KAP JTB Ho'okipa Me Ke Aloha Mod 1
HOSP3104 - KAP JTB Ho'okipa Me Ke Aloha Mod 2
HOSP3105 - Ho'okipa Me Ke Aloha Mod 3
HOSP3106 - Ho'okipa Me Ke Aloha Mod 4
HOSP5410 - Restaurant Server
HOSP6310 - Customer Service Training
HOSP6311 - Communication and Telephone Skills Training
HOSP8210 - Communicate with Impact: Talking Story about Hawai'i
HOSP8225 - Certificate for Customer Service in Hawai‘i