AGR4002 - Honey Harvesting
BUS3009 - Communication is the secret to success...pass it on...
BUS3010 - Perception is Reality?
BUS3011 - That's what I said, but it's not what I meant.
BUS3012 - It's not what you say, but HOW you say it.
BUS3013 - Listening: The Forgotten Skill
BUS3014 - Handling Conflict: An All-Year Resolution
BUS3015 - Essential Verbal Communication Skills Series
BUS3016 - Non-verbal Communication Skills Series
BUS3071 - Career Success in the Hawaii Service Industry (Extended)
BUS3082 - Create a Vision for Your Life
BUS4947 - Problem Solving and Decision Making (Online)
ENR3200 - Communication with Compassion
ENR4900 - Intro to Oli, Hawaiian Chant
ENR6703 - Hawaiian Language - Conversational Hawaiian
ENR6712 - Mandarin Chinese II
ENR6991 - Beginner's Guide to Getting Published - Online Course
HLTH6333 - Become a Professional Medical Interpreter
HOSP3001 - Train the Trainer Workshop
HOSP8210 - Communicate with Impact: Talking Story about Hawai'i
HOSP8225 - Certificate for Customer Service in Hawai‘i
LAN6022 - TESOL Foundations Certificate Course
LANG1019 - Elementary Hawai'i Language I (HAW 101)
LANG1800 - ICLDC 2019 Hilo Field Study
LANG2000 - English Language Learner Options (Introduction to College English)
LANG3001 - Ma Ka Hana Ka ‘Ike
LANG3003 - Hawaiian Language: Basic Grammar & Pronunciation
LANG3005 - Introduction to Interpreting
LANG3006 - Interpreting Readiness
LANG3007 - ESL for the Service Industry-Introduction
LANG3008 - ESL for the Service Industry-Level 1
LANG3009 - ESL for the Service Industry-Level 2
LANG3010 - Comparative Linguistics
LANG3011 - Translation
LANG3012 - Consecutive Interpreting
LANG3013 - Simultaneous Interpreting I
LANG3014 - Legacy Writing Series: Basic Review of Grammar
LANG3015 - Legacy Writing Series: Introduction: Self-reflection and Preparation
LANG3016 - Transliteration/Contact Varieties of English
LANG3105 - Hakuoh
LANG3106 - Basic Arabic Language and Culture
LANG3107 - Basic Chinese Language and Protocol for Retailers
LANG3108 - ESL 3
LANG3109 - Japanese Writing Course
LANG3110 - Intensive English Skills Level 1
LANG3120 - Okinawa ESL Writing
LANG4004 - Hawaiian Language: Spelling and Pronunciation
LANG4005 - Hawaiian Language: Elementary Conversation
LANG4007 - Basic Conversational Spanish
LANG4112 - American Sign Language, Level 3
LANG6010 - MLI - FALL 1 Regular Session
LANG6011 - MLI - FALL 2 Regular Session
LANG6012 - MLI - SPRING 1 Regular Session
LANG6020 - Portuguese 101
LANG6021 - How to Teach ESL
LANG6022 - TESOL Foundations Certificate Course
LANG6641 - Introduction to Japanese
LANG6803 - MLI: Full Time Intensive English Program (IEP)
LANG6901 - The Craft of Magazine Writing - Online Course
LANG6902 - Advanced Fiction Writing
LANG7001 - Basic Korean Conversation
OCT1400 - Grammar Refresher Certificate
OCT1401 - Word-Level Grammar
OCT1402 - Sentence-Level Grammar
OCT1403 - Refining Your Writing
OCT1404 - Beginning Conversational Spanish
English as a second language
Language Interpretation
Sign Language
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